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  1. the way we are playing now....we are more content playing keep away
  2. Ridiculous. You guys choked down the stretch and don't deserve to be in the playoffs. If we lose tonight (in Regulation), then we choked and don't deserve to be in the playoffs.
  3. Don't give up yet. Im still expecting the Canes to win (although as a Caps fan, I hope they lose). Remember the Caps were in a similar position against Atlanta, down 2 goals going into the third in a must win game against them. They ended up dominating the 3rd and winning 5-3, so I expect (but hope I am wrong) something similar for the Hurricanes.
  4. you're not being outplayed. You're dominating, outshooting them 28-13, and the Florida goalies, which have been their strong suit all year, are playing well. Ward has just had an off game so far
  5. Good goal. Bad luck by the Panthers but the ref has to call those.
  6. you guys are outshooting them, and dominating. You guys will pul out the W
  7. fair enough. As my dad always told me, "players win games, coaches lose em and referees ruin em".
  8. so no factual response? just another opinion? yea, reffing was equal. Before Tampa lost it at the end (with about 20 seconds left) penalties were 5 to 4 in the Caps favor, but coupled with a questionable disallowed goal, reffing was pretty equal. please don't let your bias for your team let you spout ignorant statements like that.
  9. I know Im a little biased in this area, but it should be Ovie, playoffs or not. Since Boudreau was named coach, he has 51 goals in 60 games, including 17 in his last 16. Any way you slice it, those are two ridiculous numbers.
  10. oh ok that clears it up a bit. They were battling for position in front, and both players were shoving. I wouldn't be too upset if they called that, but it wasn't exactly a clear cut call. To say the refs assisted in this win, however, is not fair. The reffing was pretty equal, and there were missed calls both ways. The Caps are the much better 5 on 5 team, and Tampa did not capitalize on ANY of its power play chances, including a 4:00 power play. The reffing did not help the Caps win tonight, they just wanted it more and were the better team.
  11. What? Waiving off the goal helped the Caps? So instead of being tied they are behind? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. No, it was a direct attack by Coach Tortorella. Players lose their cool. I understand that. But for him to order an attack on a player is ridiculous, and I hope he is fined. Anyways, at least Jeff Halpern had a decent game tonight, although he did go pointless.
  12. conspiracy again. Tell me how the refs are biased if the Caps had a goal disallowed on an unprecedented call? Anyways, classless act by Tampa at the end of the game.
  13. my favorite brash play of all time was when he scored, then ko'd brendan witt with one punch immediately afterwards. its probably on youtube.
  14. Tampa's just returning the favor for us. As will florida after you guys beat them.
  15. Well, DC Fans aren't exactly known for being extremely knowledgeable
  16. I like this forum. You guys are surprisingly knowledgeable for a non-major hockey state (like DC). Theres not too many people on the Caps board, and the only other good hockey board with a team I root for is colorado. That was by far the best I've ever seen a defender play Ovie one-by-one. He challenged him, and won.
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