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  1. not trying to be a ****.....but home fans boo EVERY call. btw, any lightning fans hear with knowledge about the Halpern situation? Hes from DC like me so hes one of my role models.
  2. please, how am I trolling. Im happy because my team scored. Its trash talk. I haven't personally insulted any of you. I haven't even trashed your team. **** 4 minute penalty. This is huge.
  3. The hit on Lecavlier shouldn't of been called. Fedorov did interfere afterwards with another Lightning player, that should've been called
  4. Yeah, your right, because dude is super dirty with 38 PIM. The league does protect him, but lets be real. When's the last time you've seen Ovie do something blatantly dirty that was unprovoked (the Staal hit was provoked. An unnecessary tap on the goalie in a big game. I would be more mad at Ovie if he didn't stick up for Huet, because that's what you're supposed to do.
  5. he'll be fine. This is Ovechkin we are talking about, not Crosby I still don't know why you guys are sweating this game so much. I understand your reasoning, but you guys aren't gonna lose to Florida, not in the biggest game of the season in front of a home crowd
  6. thats pretty cool. I do the Network Hockey Program done here (im trying to play D3 NCAA Hockey, im a JR in high school) and he runs that. He loves the area and his son is a very good hockey player here.
  7. maybe not. they gave it to kozlov but it will probably be changed. I understand if you don't want to see a crosby vs ovie match up, but it would be a MAJOR plus for league exposure.
  8. I agree with you on this, but then a penalty has to be called as the announcer. It's logical, but not a legit call, if that makes sense.
  9. no, it doesn't. Players are pushed into their goalies countless times, and its never called. Craig Laughlin, a former player and very knowledgeable commentator, stated that he has never seen that call before and that it was one of the worst calls he's ever seen. This is the same guy who said the reffing sucked on tuesday, so he's not biased.
  10. true, but no offense, if you guys lose to florida, you don't deserve to be in. as if the caps lose this game, they don't deserve to be in.
  11. btw you guys are going to win the division regardless, why root against a second SE team in?
  12. thats not karma. thats a terrible call, there were none NEARLY as bad as that in the caps canes game
  13. Really? The first penalty was not cheap at ALL. Then, you guys had a 5-on-3. From the angles, it looked as if Huet dove a bit, but he sold it. Can't blame the ref on that one. The 4 minute minor on Letowski has to be called. I believe that Ovie should've gotten 4 and Wallin 2. That would've been fair. But that would've still left the Caps with about a 1:30 power play. Since they scored about 1 min 15 sec after the controversial call, I believe they still would've scored with the shortened powerplay. Not to mention that the Caps are the better 4 v 4 team, according to the stats. Then you have the call on Hedican. That's just the league protecting its star player, and a stupid move by Hedican to throw the jab with the stick at the end. This happens all the time, but shouldn't be defended. It was a bad call. The last questionable call was the second goalie interference. It was a terrible call, but it is possible that the ref misjudged from his angle. In my opinion though, that was the worst call. However, the Caps would have 2 more points if it weren't for being jobbed by the Bruins, so I'm not complaining.
  14. that game was terrible. I don't think they are upset by the number of penalties, but by the timing and the questionability of them. I would say that there were about 3-4 questionable calls on the Canes, and maybe 1 on the Caps. The timing of the penalties, however, did kill momentum when they started to get it. But at the same time, the Canes dug themselves a hole early.
  15. and for the record, Im not dumb enough to realize that wasn't one-sided overall. But to blame it all on the refs is ridiculous.
  16. i don't think so. I thought the 3rd was terrible. I didn't think the second was so bad. Carolina self destructed after some bad calls in my opinion. The only difference between this game and the Caps game against the B's, in my opinion, is that the Caps were dominating before the BS against boston. This game was already tilted in the Caps favor; while I admit the refs helped, they only contributed more momentum.
  17. so quickly how people forget. The Caps were jobbed out of a game earlier this year, even worse than this one (against Boston). The call were pretty bad in this one, but the Caps dominated in a fair first and decently fair second.
  18. no. You guys are ridiculous. If the NHL wanted the Caps in so bad, why would they get jobbed by the refs about 3 weeks ago against the Bruins? Anyone who saw that game would say they were jobbed worse than you guys were tonight. I'll admit the reffing was a tad biased. However, you guys were dominated in a fairly called 1st and decently called 2nd. If you can't admit the Canes were outplayed at even strength, then you are biased.
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