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  1. yeah, thats what you get for playing with the sudbury wolves I guess. Eric and Jordan had good OHL teams, Mark played with the wolves last year too, but last year they had quite a few good players who are in the NHL now. This year, the sudbury wolves were terrible, you play with a losing team, you develop a losing attitude. Jared can possibly be the cream of the crop, but it's quite possible that his development is just slower because of the OHL team he was with.
  2. Ice, you're absolutely right, he's going to be drafted because of the name "Staal" Eric winning the cup two years ago, Jordan more than likely winning it this year, someone will pick him up like the word "Nike" is branded onto him. He's a product. He plays for my hometown OHL team, from what I've seen when I saw the Sudbury Wolves play, hes lazy. But, The Wolves are a horrible team. Maybe he had no one to work with. It'll be interesting to see where Jared goes and what he gets done.
  3. I'm sure more people are willing to get involved into this.
  4. doesnt work for me either, sorry =-(. I guess I'll just post a link to the vid and you guys will have to copy and paste it?
  5. Yeah, he was playing good until Marc-Andr
  6. This is biased because I like Brindy, but my favorite part of the season for the canes was when JR picked up Samsonov, a player that was considered washed up but had an amazing season.
  7. you're kidding me right? someones a grumpy guss. do some research proving how russians arn't lazy. but you're right, I am pretty drunk right now... how'd you know? Show me this "Russian Plastered Roster" that you speak of. I never said a team with russians on it never won the cup. and if a captain has won it, I stand corrected and I must have misunderstood my information, no reason to poop a brick champ.
  8. besides all of this AO vs Sid the kid ECF, everyone seems to forget, Players - post season, do not get paid. Russians love their money. It is a known fact across the NHL that Russians get lazy and want to go home post season. A russian captain has never won the stanley cup either. So, you will not see the caps in the ECF. it will likely be montreal and the pens. Hell, we can even make it to the ECF, We've made fools out of every team that are in the top 8 right now, can't see why we can't do it again. Seems like we got more relaxed when our players came back from the IR. I say the NHL rigs something up where we lose Ruutu, he hasn't done that much anyway...
  9. This post made me create an account on my favorite teams website, I usually lurked around reading everyones posts and either agreeing or disagreeing with you guys but I suppose that this was the final straw for me. Yeah, the officiating was horrid tonight, but don't go as far as saying "the NHL/NFL are rigged" you're talking about the leagues letting the more popular team win for money and this and that... look at this years superbowl... Ever since I started watching football, I havn't seen SO many kids and adults jump on a band wagon and cheer for the Patriots, half of these fans were ready and willing to get on their knees and felate tom brady, yeah, the NFL really handed the superbowl away on that one for the big bucks eh? I'm pretty sure the Giants won the superbowl..correct me if I'm wrong. So, I guess that wasn't for the big bucks. Anyways, you hear about bad officiating at least in one game a night, tonight was just our night. Yeah, if Sid the kid wins the cup, it isn't because the evil NHL corperation wanted ALL of this money rolling in (which I don't see why, since I know more people who absolutley hate sidney crosby than like him). The Pens will win because of their team which has been constructed over the years. You have Jordan Staal (The youngest NHL player to ever score a hat trick), Sydney Crosby (The supposed next greatest thing to step on the ice) you have Malkin, who is almost, if not on par with talent as Ovechkin. You have Marien Hossa, Whitney. Alot of good players. Even if the NHL was about the big buck. The team that grosses the most money at they end of the regular season is the Maple Leafs, and look at that, they just lost to the sabres in a shoot out, the sabres... the team that has nothing going for them anymore, why arn't the leafs in post season contention anymore if the NHL is greedy for money? What about last year... how popular were the ducks before they won the cup compaired to the sens? Yeah, I thought so. If the NHL is a popularity contest and they just wanted money.. Canadian teams would win the cup, every year. What about the Habs, they're 1st in the east again. ahead of the pens hmmm. Sid the kid is out of 1st, we can't have that now can we? The net profit of a league thats been around for over 100 years is going to plunge BIG TIME. All in all, look at it this way.... we beat Tampa Bay tomorrow (which we will because the canes excel under pressure) we're tied for 6th with the floundering senators. Are we still in playoff contention? Yes, I believe so. We should not roll over and die just yet. So, that might not make sense, it might, I'm just shocked that so many people are paranoid that a league is SO corrupt. give me a break. CanesFan, lock your windows, close your doors. The NHL is out to get you.
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