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  1. Likewise folks, great run for you guys, and I'm sure ya'll will be just as tough next year. . . . come on board with us and help bring the Cup back to the Southeast again. That was a boatload of injuries, and to pull off what ya'll did isn't a little feat. Thanks for keeping it interesting and nail biting!
  2. And they shouldn't, it's hockey, not ballroom dancing. Injuries happen, experienced plenty of them myself. Ovechkin gets hurt, well it happens, it'll suck to be a CAPS fan for a while afterward but the sun still rises the next day. Alot of guys play through injuries in EVERY sport, pro or non-pro and not just in hockey. I think this B/S about protecting players from injury is just getting out of hand at the expense of a great game, I understand WHY it's become such a hot button issue (revenue from tickets to see "superstars"), but I still don't agree with it.
  3. I don't doubt that they WANT AO and Crybaby in the playoffs against each other, they'd be stupid not to. I just don't think they're rigging the regular season to make it happen, there is just way too much risk involved as another poster alluded to. That NBA ref is solid proof of that, I'm surprised the NBA was so easily able to sweep it under the carpet like they did, even though that ref was doing it for his own personal gain, not for the benefit of the NBA shareholders. I was talking to my ticket rep with the Caps today about playoff tix (got mine locked in, hopefully I get to make use of them) and he told me that people paying at the gate for tix will be running in fear if the Pens end up facing us in the playoffs, tickets go up on the range of 40 to 90 bucks depending on your seat. STH's have solid prices locked in thank GOD.
  4. Yep, I'm yet another Caps fan. . . Nope, I'm not here to troll or insult ya'll, though you may not like what I say, I'm trying to be objective with this post, at least as much as I can for being biased. I went to the game last night and I'll give you guys the dibs on what you're arguing for: there were ALOT of questionable calls made last night by the referees. BUT, those bad calls certainly weren't one sided, and there were quite a few no-calls that went in Carolina's favor. Immediately coming to mind was the failure of the refs to call the holding the stick penalty on Cole in the 3rd period when he yanked Kozlov down on top of him for the holding minor. Ovechkin, not getting hit? Looked to me like he was getting bounced and pummeled all over the place last night, his puck handling was less than stellar. The camera focuses on the puck location, not on Ovechkin for the entire game. Unless you guys had the misfortune of that horrendous "OVECHKAM" thing you most definitely missed some of the floorings he took throughout the game. The ice at Verizon Center being bad? Yeah, we know, we hear about it all the time, the good news is you guys don't have to play 41 home games on it, the Caps do. It's not a very well kept secret that the ice in VC is an after thought when it comes to basketball games, concerts and whatever else they do on a non-hockey night. Ole Teddy is making motions at trying to buy out the WSE business entity within the next year, and hopefully they get better control over the rink conditions for doing so. As for this conspiracy theory about NHL wanting Ovechkin in the playoffs, IF that was even close to true, the Caps wouldn't have been knocked out first place by Carolina back in February. If Bettman really wanted an Ovechkin/Crosby showdown in the playoffs, they'd already have both teams all but cemented in place in their standing, not having one team scrambling in the last 2 games of the season to get playoff berth. As it is, YOU are still guaranteed a playoff spot if things stay the same as they are today, the CAPS are not and still MUST win their two games remaining and Boston, Philly, Ottawa or Carolina have to drop at a minimum; ONE game. If both teams win out or lose out their last two games, YOU still go to the playoffs. So I guess I just don't see where last night was such a disaster unless it really does concern you that the Canes are in fact mortal and very much COULD collapse for their last two games against two Florida squads that are out now to play spoiler. I find it interesting that as we watched Atlanta get trounced by Carolina in their last 2 encounters that nobody over here complains like we do about Atlanta rolling over for you guys and then showing up for the game against the Caps as if their lives depended on it. Of course, when FL or TB "roll over" for us, and not for you it's how the NHL is against you. Funny thing about those two way streets. Fact is, Capitals wanted this game, and played it better than Carolina did, and if Carolina had wanted it more they'd have found a way to win despite the marginal difference in bad calls by the refs, great teams often do.
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