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  1. Cam just hasn't been the same since Barasso left.
  2. Sad to say this but time to let go of some fan favorites in exchange for a defenceman. STAT!
  3. Katherine is 10 years old - her family stays for every game that she sings - she is a role-model for others kids at the game - and the most important thing is that she is a true Caniac ... can't say that about guest anthem singers.
  4. Glad this post was started - I too would have to agree that their are some members that don't have the pep like some of the others. There were more fans getting the crowd going than there were Storm Squad girls. The idea of having a pep squad is great - IF they show a little enthusiasm. Seems like the pep has left them - remember the days of Dixie? now she was a crowd booster!
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