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  1. Scott Walker would def be a great choice for Charlotte, but I wouldn't mind Mike Vellucci taking the helm there either. He has a great track record with young talent and the talent coming up is right out of junior leagues. But it's also doubtful he ends up with the Checkers. Just a little food for thought I guess.
  2. Exactly! I actually meant to mention that players who have been called up have been playing correct positions and benefiting from it. Smart coaches know where to slot players and we are seeing it from BP. Just the energy from the young guys has been great. Terry and Boychuk were just elated the other night when they tied the game up. That's great to see! As a diehard fan, I'm enjoying watching the growth of our teams youth. Even thru the losses. With time, this team will progress and become great. I'm willing to wait. Just glad to have NHL hockey in my hometown with such class running it.
  3. IMO it would be in PKs best interest to stay away from the team and the media and let RF and BP do the jobs he hires them for. I think we are in good hands with Ron F.at the helm. He has already hired a great coach and seems to have a vision for this team. More so than JR ever did. I'm glad to see the young guys getting called up and put in a position to stay here. I personally was getting tired of JRs "little" fixes by paying veteran players to come in and steal ice time from young players. The outcome was the same, failure. I have been hoping for the youth movement to come full circle even if it means sacrificing what Charlotte is trying to do. I think the talent is there, BP just has to channel it.
  4. I think I teared up a little when I read the article. I'm not emotional. Great stuff Slapshot, thank you for posting it. Seems as tho, Peters cares for the player and the career for the player and wants that player to succeed. I know if I was a young guy on this roster, I would be doing all I could for this coach. He is a perfect match for everything Canes hockey should be and stand for. Ron was very right in making this hire. Peters might far and away be my favorite coach since Hartford moved to Raleigh. I'm glad we have him here to represent Carolina.
  5. Great quote. Actually got a little chuckle when I saw it. Truth is in the print tho. Definitely a "trail by fire" season in our midst.
  6. I really don't feel Boychuk is bottom six material either. He's played there before and never really found his niche. He truly may be an AHL lifer.
  7. You are spot on KJUN, JR hires ppl to make the team successful thru drafting and developing world class players. Only three of those player even make the cut as a success, Staal, Skinner, and Faulk. Very telling what the future may hold for his new team, Pittsburgh. I really hope he leaves them in the same mess he left us with. That would just be hilarious. I really feel bad for RF at this point. I will not place any blame on him, and really hope he can build the roster back up to prominence. My hope is PK really does sell his stake in the team and a new owner comes in with an open mind and wallet to revive the Carolina Market. I'm so sick of hearing the negative comments in the media and elsewhere about our team.
  8. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/v2/ext/training%20camp/TCRoster100614.pdf Here's the 22 man roster.
  9. I thought Brown was sent to Charlotte a couple of days ago?! After the game Friday or am I mistaken?
  10. Haha! Love that last part of your comment Coastal. Personally, I never felt Boychuk would stick with the big club. He just doesn't seem to play at NHL game speed or have that needed scoring touch. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that for whatever reason he will never make the jump. Hope Charlotte makes him the "C", because he's definatly there to stay. Maybe this is their year for the Calder Cup?! Gotta have hope somewhere, why not with the Checkers?
  11. I think ultimately the players would try to play for the fans and their own pride, even if the outcome isn't in their favor. Even if decided to keep them all, I don't think any player would not play hard, unless maybe they are hiding an injury. They are still playing for that next contract even on a bad team.
  12. No, you never tank. Players play the game to win. I don't think you will ever see a player say they've given up no matter how bad things may be. Yeah, sure you can trade some pieces to contending teams, but if the team is bad, it's bad. No reason to quit a season for a guy that may/may not be game changing. You let the chips fall where they may, and if you are lucky, McDavid is the consolation prize to a dreadful year.
  13. I put my vote in for Rod as well. I just feel he has the fire that is needed to be a head coach. He would definatly be my first choice for the job if I was in Francis' shoes. Great 2-way player, possibly an even better coach?!?
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