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  1. Finally broke down and made the investment. Good article. No click bait ads. Worth it!
  2. We are reaching a point of no return that is going to necessitate a high risk game of over paying mediocre talent to build this team in my opinion. Based on the following: 1. Scouting department appears to miss more than succeed with our first round pick. Svech should work out but just wish some of the others would have. 2. Coaching has been a rotating door. Slow game starts and suspect systems ( see power play and defense wins championships mentality). Systems they are playing have been designed around the talent they have to work with. It’s not their fault but it’s not attractive for the shopping free agent. 3. Lack of D for O. As many others have said we haven’t been able to pull off the trade with a lot of good reasons. Personally I think more teams feel they can help cover defensive deficiencies with a cheap defensive type forward option. 4. Checkers development. The painful sticking point for me. I have met the coach. I like how he handles things. We are lucky to have him. I don’t have enough patience to watch them develop in the AHL and then come here for the process to begin over again. In the end it should provide a competitive foundation for the Canes but I think Velluci’s days are numbered in a good way. He’s proven he can win on various levels. I think he earns an NHL opportunity next season and our youth are mentally vulnerable during the change. 5. Calvin de Haan. A free agent signing win for us. My guess is his options were limited coming off shoulder surgery and we offered the longest term. We are not going to pay for the big free agent but we should invest in a couple of upper 20 aged 20 goal scorers (Simmonds for example but he may be in the higher echelon) including signing Ferland. Guys like Lee Stempniak or Justin Williams only younger with a little more speed in the tank to keep up with the youth. Sorry guys wish I could offer something super stimulating on here for discussion but this is the best I got with us 9 points out. Just feel like someone named Dundon kicked my dog.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the boys can get their chemistry going today now that we’re down to basically our final roster.
  4. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the game due to date night with the wife. How did you guys feel the following played? Necas PDG Wallmark Any concerns about Faulk and our D or did you see some chemistry starting to develop?
  5. I hope your right. It is certainly possible. If we are going to break our candy cane image (blocking shots, hits, going to the front of the net, etc.) I believe at some point guys will get dinged up. In the past we had to play guys that weren’t 100% due to lack of depth. Now we don’t have to play guys dealing with injuries. Agree we need to get out of the blocks quickly.
  6. If we are going to play a game with effort all the time up to coach BA’s standards I fully expect we will see more injuries and call ups with this youth movement getting their chances to show how they have developed. We have the luxury of depth for once. The big team has to perform well to help their value as well. Hard to rationalize why a grade A prospect is not being utilized when the big club is well below .500.
  7. Agreed. Especially with a skate in Raleigh this am and then the flight to Tampa.
  8. Agree completely but it didn’t seem to matter much last year. I’m just hoping he finds some game and we don’t end up with another buyout situation.
  9. In regards to our goaltending situation and Forslund’s comments it makes me wonder how well Darling will be able to mentally handle a backup role after working so hard to position himself to have a better year if that is truly how things play out in the goalie competition.
  10. I remember the same about Faulks early years. I would be willing to bet our lack of offense the last three years led Peters to put more and more pressure on the offensive part of his game while overlooking the defensive liabilities that were creeping into his game.
  11. Certinaly am not opposed to picking up a scoring forward. We have three question marks to address- scoring, who plays center and is the GK duo good enough? Free agency isn’t going to fill the gap and the Skinner trade is what it is now. I like the approach both Necas and Darling have taken to their summer off season training. With all the attention Darling is getting I am sure Mrazek will certainly be hungry to bounce back. This could solve two of the three question marks as we currently sit although I think it is asking a lot of Necas. I do think Necas is better prepared for the challenge than Lindholm was at the time. The forward situation is eerily familiar to E. Staal days begging for help. Is Saad the answer? I’m not so sure. Not against it as it brings in another experienced skilled forward. Personally I was hoping we would make a run at Neal. The term on Neal seemed about 1 year too long though. We have a good asset in Faulk to use to fill a hole. I just hope the committee gets more mileage out of this last card we have to play.
  12. With Skinner gone and the uncertainty of whether our goalies bounce back it’s nice to hang on to Faulk as potential trade bait for a GK if we need it. If we don’t great. He becomes a mismatch for someone’s d on the point if he his playing third pairing. It also allows us to have an experienced option to trade for whatever the committee sees as our immediate need once the season gets underway.
  13. Skinner held the cards in this trade. He negotiated a NTC and his narrow list hand cuffs Waddell. The more teams inquired about his services and the more the teams on his narrow list figured out who the bidders were or weren’t they could reduce their offers in the waiting game. The open marketing of him indicates the departure was probably mutually agreed upon long ago. His attitude and defensive issues probably made it unrealistic for him to return.
  14. There is a multi sport complex currently being built by Jeff Ammons in Morrisville that will include two ice rinks. Only new facility featuring ice rinks I have heard of being built. Maybe that is what they were thinking about.
  15. Can only hope that since both Rod and Waddell have been around they have a good finger on the pulse of who should stay or go. At least that portion of the team evaluation is done and we can move on to the draft /free agents versus new personnel spending valuable time figuring things out.
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