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  1. well, ive never seen any of them, but my sister saw eric staal at panera bread in cary and mike commodore at a bar downtown...she claimed he "totally looked down her shirt."
  2. im pulling for colorado in the west being that they are next in line with my top teams. as for the east...im not sure yet. maybe ottawa or washington. all i know is that i will not be pulling for NYR.
  3. for a few minutes i honestly thought about leaving...i was very frustrated, but i figured that this would be our last time to see them before next season and i know i would have felt horrible afterwards if i didnt. all in all, im very glad i stayed...even if they didn't look too happy coming back out. we tried to cheer our loudest for them and i got some good pictures too since we were right at the glass. im still proud of the guys.
  4. hello all ive been reading around the past couple of months (when i found that there was a discussion board hah) and have finally decided to register! lets see...my name is whitney...i went to my first canes game in 2000 and have been hooked ever since...i love going to games and would looove to have season tickets but seeing that im a poor college student i dont see that happening anytime soon anyway, just thought i would introduce myself!
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