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  1. Anyone have a clip they can show of the Pens 1st goal? I swear NBC said it should have been icing on that play -- but of course with their love for all things Pens they only showed the replay once and really quickly. Of course, the next time they mention that, it suddenly is something along the lines of "that was really close to icing"
  2. Not to excuse what Walker did, but right now, the doctors think Ward may have a broken orbital bone. The NHL should certainly wait to hear officially before deciding what to do -- they can certainly hold a conference call with Walker if they decide that he should be suspended before making a call on how many games.
  3. If the league doesn't suspend Chris Kunitz from Pittsburgh for cross-checking Varlamov in the neck (it simply fined him), it can certainly use its discretion and not hand Walker a suspension. I also fail to understand why Walker was given a five minute major for fighting -- didn't he just punch Ward who quite promptly went down? It seems like the refs were just looking for a way to throw Walker out of the game. As for the roughing call on A. Ward, perhaps this was for punching Cullen (missed exactly what Ward did to get that roughing penalty).
  4. What I find interesting is that Balsillie's offer to buy the Coyotes is contingent not only on moving the team to Hamilton, ON but also that he not pay compensation to the Maple Leafs for encroaching on their 80 km territorial rights, as is stipulated in the NHL bylaws (see story at the following link below) http://www.faceoff.com/hockey/teams/toront...2e-773498f102da
  5. For clarification: all games except 2 and 5 can be seen on Fox Sports Carolinas. Games 2 and 5 are exclusively on Versus. See story on 'Canes page: http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app/?servic...rticleid=420718
  6. To me, it sounds like Versus will have exclusive rights for games 2 and 5 but those are games where we don't have to worry about anyone else playing at the same time as us. If there are no exclusive rights for Versus for any of the other games, I would think that FS Carolinas will pick up the games and broadcast them. Looking at the Bruins' website, it looks like this is possible since NESN (I think this is their local sports channel) will be showing games 1, 3, and 4 with game 7 TBD.
  7. I would hope Center Ice is showing the game (using the TSN feed) but I'm not sure that it won't be blacked out because Versus probably has some exclusive viewing rights thing. Is FS-Carolinas planning on showing any of these games since Versus is planning on not showing most of games 1, 3, and 4?
  8. So I'm not thrilled with this either. Having lived in Toronto for 4 years (most of them when Mo was coaching), I agree with other posters who have said that Toronto is a circus. The media attention is just crazy, as are the fans -- and by crazy, I mean having fans running up and down Yonge St., cars driving up and down honking their horns, etc. This is all happened because of winning a first round playoff series against Ottawa (despite being quite promptly dispatched in the next round, it was all good since the Leafs beat the Sens). My concern with Mo returning is the comments that have come out of Toronto after he left -- that it was a "country club atmosphere" and players didn't have to work hard. That being said, I believe Mo got on Kyle Wellwood for his lack of fitness. So we'll see what happens. I agree with the comments Forslund made about the power play on 99.9 after the Anaheim game -- he said that we're moving the puck too slow and guys look tentative out there. Now, for an example of a good power play, go check out Minnesota. Minny has the 2nd best power play in the league (last time I looked, it was around 24%) but yet has the reputation for being a stifling defensive team (that 6-5 loss to Colorado being the exception). If Mo can figure out how to get our guys to play better defensively 5-on-5 (especially our "offensive" guys *cough, cough* Pitkanen) maybe he can let them loose on the power play and see what happens. Perhaps Francis will be taking a good look at the PP and making some suggestions? As for hiring Torts, that would have been a disaster! For all of you who think that Ward has problems now, just imagine what having Torts would do -- anyone remember how he treated his goalies in Tampa? I do not think that would help Ward become more consistent and reliable.
  9. I'm not so worried about post-game traffic conflicting with people leaving the rally. I'm worried about how much traffic is going to be blocked off/re-routed around the fairgrouds (and hence possibly near the RBC Center) because of the rally. I was driving on Wade Ave away from Raleigh on Wednesday, when Obama was speaking somewhere in Raleigh, and Wade Ave going towards Raleigh was completely empty. Police on motorcycles were blocking all access to Wade Ave and then traffic on I-40 was completely backed up by a couple of trucks holding back traffic by going about 20 mph or so.
  10. This is something that I decided to do at the end of last season when I saw the Isles make the playoffs because they won their final game in a shootout. These would be the standings for the Eastern conference if 3 points were awarded for a regulation win, 2 points were awarded for an OT/SO win, 1 point was awarded for an OT/SO loss, and 0 points were awarded for a regulation loss. This doesn't take into account the games that are still to be played tomorrow, but in this case, the top 8 teams in terms of wins (regardless of whether they came in regulation, OT, or SO) would make the playoffs. I'm also assuming that the division winners would be seeded 1-3. For breaking ties between two teams with the same number of points, the team with more regulation wins would be seeded higher. If two teams have the same number of regulation wins, the team that won the season series would be seeded higher. Since WSH and BOS are tied in points, BOS gets seeded higher because they won 2 games in regulation and WSH won 1 game in regulation and 1 game in a SO. NJD and PHI could switch (depends on results of each team's final game). 1) PIT* 141 2) MTL* 141 3) CAR* 128 4) OTT 131 5) NJD 128 6) PHI 128 7) NYR 127 8) BOS 126 9) WSH 126 10) BUF 121 11) FLA 114 12) TOR 111 13) NYI 104 14) TBL 98 15) ATL 95
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