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  1. Agree with # 1 about Mo-lets get that done then we will go from there. Dont know what to make or do about Staal,who else can provide leadership by.......next week. We are in trouble!!!! I am happy to let the Charlotte guys play but give me my $ back first-I didnt pay to watch the Checkers develop.For my money (literally),each season we get on the ice it is to make the playoffs and then win the Stanley Cup.That's why I go to games. If I want to watch hockey development, I'll get my stick out of the garage and practice down in the cul de sac
  2. Are they shopping around for a new venue or what. The GM we know would have taken action 10 games ago. Forget all the excuses about the cap or who would we trade,Rutherford normally would have done "anything" by this time. Maybe he is stepping down and the team knows it and we don't and the team cannot gel until the "other shoe"drops. No one out there will convince me that something is not about to go down. That is totally uncharacteristic of the owners and management to let this slide this long. While we are all arguing about being positive and negative we are missing the meaning of Rutherford's comment "its all my fault". Folks, he threw in the towel, not us. The strategic plan will be unfurled soon until which time why beat up each other-you are all right! But you and I don't have critical management info that would aid in understanding the lack of action.
  3. Sad to say but need to say that we need major locker room changes such as redrawing Rod as Captain who obviously cannot lead now due to undisclosed illness severity.We are losing this season pretending that Rod could lead for the last 2 months and that is management denial!!
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