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  1. Just called the NHL and got to Bettman office, if you want to hear excuses for not meeting, call (212) 789-2000. Spoke to a real person in Bettman's office.
  2. Can't wait til Nov. so going to Houston to watch Checkers play Aeros, this Saturday Oct. 13th.
  3. How about we let Cam know how much we support him. He has been the player on this team, no matter that he gets no support.
  4. I am a season ticket holder and the Hurricanes are my team. I take the good with the bad. Don't know where else you can go 41 times a year at this price.
  5. Stay away that will show them! NOT!!!
  6. Amazing, that no matter who played against Florida, Lavi would have been blamed for the loss. Damned if you do, damned it you don't.
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