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  1. WOO HOO!! Great news !! A bit more $$ than I would have thought, but I guess JR had to compensate for him not hitting the free agency next year. Hopefully he will stay healthy and "Bring it!" like he has been doing.
  2. Thank you to the entire Carolina Hurricanes organization, especially the guys who left it all out there on the ice so many times in this run, for one heck of a playoff run. It was terrific! Although you may not feel like it now, you all have a lot to be proud of. Nobody in the media or NHL thought our team would get this far. You proved yourselves to be real men of character. Go Canes!!
  3. Canes Now is reporting Walker has been suspended, a hearing set for 12:30 today.
  4. Hard to say how this will play out, the league is pretty inconsistent with discipline. However, if Scotty gets a suspension, then Ovechkin should get one too for the knee-to-knee hit on Gonchar the other night. JMO. (yeah, that'll happen. not.)
  5. Speaking of no respect - Ray Whitney won the "Rodney Dangerfield award" on the ESPO awards yesterday, on XM204. http://www.nhlhomeice.com/wp/
  6. Just watched the clip, can't wait to see the full episode. The DVR's set already.
  7. Really bad move. Next big announcment: Lavi hired by Atlanta - or Tampa. That would be a nightmare.
  8. MVP- again, Ruutu. He simply rocks. Wardo - no explanation needed toss up between Seidenberg & Wallin. Both are doing a great job. honorable mentions: Sutter! I am very excited about this guy, he is on a mission. Hope we can keep him a long time if he keeps it up. Bayda- also on a mission. LaRose- he's always been one of my favorites, good to see him getting more ice time. (Plus he's the Chuck Norris of Hockey!) guys I'd like to see more from - (hate to use the term disappointments) Staal- the hat trick was great, maybe he's broken his slump Samsonov Eaves
  9. HD every time. I love that you can even see the scratches on the ice in HD. We don't have Center Ice so right now I'd love to be able to just watch the game, even if it were in grainy black & white! (Darn FSN for carrying Charlotte Bobcats on Canes' game nights -grumble grumble) :angry: We always check to see if the FSN feed is in HD when the games are on- usually it is on the MOJO channel on TW Cable in Raleigh.
  10. The stripes on the socks (lame!) were the only thing that kept me from loving them. The sweaters by themselves are awesome, though.
  11. Used to be, about 15-20 years ago. Now 919 is primarily the triangle area. The population explosion in the state has spawned several area codes.
  12. I am glad they signed him, he deserves a raise. It will be interesting to see how they get around their budget overage. Maybe they can trade Kaberle somewhere for a draft pick. (Is Tampa still on their drunken sailor buying spree?)
  13. As far as uniqueness goes, I'm pretty sure we are the only team with a PIG for a mascot! Don't get me wrong, my kids love Stormy but it is definitely different. Marginally better than a bird, I guess (Atlanta).
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