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  1. Per the interview: Rod will not be traded, will finish his career as a Cane and will have his number retired like Francis and Wesley. READ: Bribe for not making a scene.
  2. Spin it how they want...it was a rare display of class-less-ness by the Canes organization. JR's stock went down with me. Replacing captain mid season with no chance to make the playoffs = FAIL.
  3. If he is good enough for his own commercial and his own bobblehead...he is good enough for me....
  4. too funny....."Swine Flu...Swine Flu...Swine Flu!"
  5. I believed. and...I stopped drinking E&JG wine and spicy pork rinds on game day...and I touched my jersey before "close to game time"...and I talked about the Canes ON GAME DAY.
  6. black out a tooth, paint some freckles....that would do it for this years team, "What, me worry?"
  7. sorry...we do not have one anymore...it was our little girls that she outgrew...
  8. Let me check...I may have one...for cheap.
  9. Heard on XM just a bit ago that it is now being reported NOT as serious as first reported...that yes, he will be out a few weeks but not a few months..hope this is true. Get well Gerbs.
  10. Raleigh, NC - Carolina Hurricanes General Manager Jim Rutherford announced today that beginning next season, Rod Brind'Amour would no longer be with the Hurricanes organization. "Obviously Rod has contributed greatly to our organization and his contributions will be missed". He went on to say that, "It is no secret that we have great fans and the team receives great inspiration from them. Based on the performance of the team in the 09-10 campaign and the disappointment of not making the playoffs after high expectations and expenditures we will be be trying something different with regards to the 'C' next season. I am pleased to announce that "Bigbander" from the Hurricanes message boards will be our captain. His unique blend of insight, creativity, toughness and moxie will position the team to again return to what we feel will be a deep and successful playoff run. "
  11. wow...that is terrible news. I wish him well...and would sign a "get well" thread if indeed we could get it to him.
  12. Calling people out on the carpet on this. Simply put - these are PROFESSIONALS. Anyone thinking we should "tank the season" is simply out of touch with reality. We are having a bad year...sure...but it happens.
  13. I wish him well...but I just haven't felt that comfortable with him....don't know what it is about Legace...but I like him, think he is a good fit...he is a Stanley Cup winner too...great move...Canes will get back in this thing.
  14. yeah...not "everyone" wants to see him go. besides - we don't need to pay 2 coaches again. mo still has time to get this thing going. the coach is to coach - but the boys need to dig down and want to make it happen for themselves.
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