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  1. This is a raffle winning game worn jersey from the last game of 2007. I think we remember that game against Florida. Where ironically I moved to and now I'm in a financial pinch and I couldn't sell it to someone down here without checking here first. Offer what you think is fair value. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4
  2. I think the Isles are so broke that they don't even have paved roads.
  3. YES! I've been waiting for this day!!! Finally a beautiful jumbotron. Can't wait!
  4. I feel responsible for our bad karma. I'll finally air out my dirty secret. I won the Brett Hedican Jersey at the end of the 07-08 season. Just incase some people forgot that is the game against the panthers that if we won we would have been in the playoffs.. So the jersey already had bad vibes. Of ONLY the 6 regular season games I went to and wore the jersey, the only win was the shootout against Buffalo. And this is where the story turns worse. I got a ticket from a friend at the last minute for game 6 against the Bruins. I wore the jersey. It was a bad idea. I feel like *edit* about it but man that jersey feels and looks good. And we all know our record in the playoffs after that.
  5. 1) PLEASE lets get a new jumbotron. I am embarrassed when they show it on tv. Other arenas have beautiful screens. We have orange pixels. 2) Penguins draw alot of bandwagon fans to games. enough said 3) Why was the guy behind our bench wearing a steelers jersey?!?! 4) I thought when the pens got the empty net we were in pittsburgh. Or the noise was a collective sigh of 'yes' and 'wth' 5) We had a great season. Before the all-star break the playoffs seemed impossible. The team can not play at 150% for 4 months straight and thats what it came down to. We had to go hard just to get in. That my thoughts.. probably way off topic though..
  6. bumping.. that stinks.. i hope someone with good moral values picked it up and does the right thing.
  7. Man. I wish!!! whats that 4/5 on PP. Is this some sort of reverse mojo ?
  8. I'm watching the replay on the NHL network right now. Its interesting to see the game with TSN announcers.
  9. I'd have to guess no. Thats alot of road games...
  10. You know, we might need to drag that one back out sometime to remind us how we can get nasty when we lose.
  11. OMG! I must be soo tired.. what the heck am i thinking! i'm that guy now.. I have to get away from ESPN..
  12. You can bet your life, if this series is playing.. VS or NBC will show it. Everyone else gets tossed aside.
  13. Landmark aviation? I used to work at their Dulles VA location in college. I used to work the crapital flights.
  14. Huge fan of Chad. He works hard for everything and nothing has come easy.
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