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  1. And everybody who gets traded away always comment how much they hated to get traded and how maybe they can end up back there somehow. I'm not buying it either. I think JR is putting the blame on Lavi so he doesn't have to look in the mirror.
  2. Shouldn't a general manager who runs a team that missed the playoffs both years after winning a Stanley Cup have to answer some tough questions, too?
  3. By "some people" are you referring to Jim Rutherford? He's the only one I'm aware of who's thrown Lavi under the bus around here lately.
  4. It's not that easy. That $4 million is gone. If you want RFAs Ruutu, Eaves, LaRose and Gleason signed, their raises are going to take up a bunch of that. Add in a reasonable contract for Samsonov, and poof, no more $4 million. And I like the idea of at least kicking the tires on Redden. He seems like a great buy-low candidate to me, especially if he gets out of the bright media glare of Ottawa. If you can convince him to sign a two-year deal at around $3-4 million per to re-establish his value as an elite defenseman, it's a great deal to me.
  5. I think "dismissed" is too strong a word. He keeps couching his response in terms of the positives of staying here. He's never come right out and said he is not a candidate for the Toronto job. That's why it's still hanging around. That said, this release coming from Ron means nothing, as pointed out above.
  6. I got Walker. It's not that I'm not appreciative, because I am, but I was wondering if there's a big Walker fan who got another jersey that I might like just as much or more. You know, just trying to find perfect homes for all these.
  7. I got a sweater, so I stayed. Anybody know anyone who got one?
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