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  1. Ruutu-Staal-Cole Samsonov-Brind`amour-Williams Eaves-Cullen-Walker Larose-Letowski-Sutter Gleason-Suter Corvo-Gil Seidenberg-Borer Ward Leighton
  2. First off, Whitney is injured. The ankle is still badly hurt, which is worse than Cole`s situation. Yes, if some idiot runs Cole, like Orpik did, again it might be over. Whitney, however, might not recover fully from the ankle injury...ever. Everything says it is better to trade Whitney, Kaberle, and Hamilton to get Suter from nashville than Cole and Kaberle. Whitney is signed for two more years, and 3.55 million per...which is a cap killer for us if he cannot recover. However, whitney used to be Captain of Columbus, and has played 4-5 very good season in the western conference...something Erik Cole has not done. Nashville wants an experienced scorer. Cole may be a younger player, but that isnt exactly what Nashville wants. Also, since Erik can go play wherever he wants after this coming season, Nashville might shy away... It is better for us to keep Cole. We all know the Eri(c/k)`s are the heart of this team, the fan favorites... As for the fourth line... I think Larose deserves top 9 minutes...but there is no place for that. We can have him and Letowski (look how they played together at the end of the year) and someone else on the fourth line...maybe Conboy because he brought so much energy, Kevyn Adams because we could sign him cheap to come back and would help the PK, or maybe we need a Goon...but definately Sutter if he is ready.
  3. Ruutu-Staal "A" -Cole Samsonov-Brindamour "C" -Williams Eaves-Cullen-Walker "A" Larose-Letowski/Kevyn Adams-Sutter/Conboy Gleason "A" -Suter Corvo-Commodore Seidenberg-Borer/ A. Ward Ward(o) *Hopefully he`s "Wardo" Ellis/Leighton This is completely possible, and barring rediculous amounts of injuries...would be a winning team.
  4. We should make these two trades... Whitney, Kaberle and Hamilton for Suter from Nashville. Wallin and a first round pick for a later pick in the first or second rounds. We dont need a young forward, a goalie, and JR hates drafting defensemen...so why now execute both of those moves... You could swap Kabs and Wallin in those trades.
  5. The way Jose Theodore played for the Avs this year makes me think he gets no less than 3 million. We cannot afford him, while having Injured whitney, and the dreadful Kaberle, Wallin, Tanabe and Hamilton under contract...They take up 9.2 million dollars a year. Find a way top dump them all, and we can keep Cole and get anyone we would like.
  6. 98 saves...but gave up a softy in 5OT...says NOTHING.
  7. Do you consider Erik Cole is 30, not 37 or 35 (Whitney then Walker), and actually plays decently...sometimes exceptionally well (unlike Wallin & Kabs)....? We move Kaberle and Wallin: Frees up 3.875 million...so not enough difference than 4 million We move Kaberle and Whitney: Frees up 5.75 million (more than 4) Id rather see Whitney and Kaberle go, even if we dont get anything other than...say Leopold or a couple picks. I think we would take a couple pucks for Kaberle and Wallin. Im just trying to say, it makes more sense to trade Whitney and Kaberle than Cole and Kaberle.
  8. We need to keep Cole. I would love to keep walker and whitney...but i dont think we can afford it. We have to dump Kaberle...and Wallin.
  9. Bryzgalov was waived by anaheim...hmm, why didnt we pick him up? Well theres Auld, Conklin, Ellis, Joseph.... but i think Leighton would fit best.
  10. I have been considering a few things that could happen to our defense. How about this Gleason: resigned to a 3-5 year, affordable deal. Seidenberg-resigned 1 year Borer- finally called up Corvo-staying Jordan Leopold-He has struggled since he has been in Colorado, still young, 27, and has one more year on his contract at a cheap 1.5 million. I think We could trade Walker and Kabs or Wallin to get him. Then we could hope to have one or two of the following: Stuart, Liles, Commodore, Ward, Hainsey, or Salvador. signed to a 2-3 year deals no more than 2.5 million per. Its possible. It would be very good, and Cheap. We could trade Walker, Kaberle, and Wallin to Colorado for Liles and Leopold.
  11. I`d love a fantasy draft. That is my only reason for playing video games... to see how good i can get the lineups.
  12. I still say give Erik Cole one more year...Well we should definately give him to the deadline. He has so much potential..still...if he finally gets his game together...every night..who knows how good him and Staal could be together. The Staal in that sentence brings up another key, key point....Staal and Cole have so much chemistry...everyone knows how close they are...so if we piss off Staal, by trading cole, he could walk after the season to a big market club. I know he is restricted, but i dont believe JR would retain him if..oh, Edmenton, throws a rediculous amount of money at him. It would be far to big of a loss to give up Cole and see him finally turn into that player we want him to be...that player we know he could be. I strongly believe we should trade Walker or Whitney with Kabs and/or Wallin for a defenseman. Or, maybe, Walker and Kaberle for a 2nd or third round pick at least. Walker could be a salary dump because we have ofther forwards that are better than him that can fill his role (Sutter, Larose, Ruutu). Everyone on here knows young teams (Chicago, L.A.), would love to add Scotty Walker for his gritty, veteran play...and throw in kaberle, and just ask for a pick.
  13. Jason Smith will definately be playing for New Jersey next year...a slim chance he stays in Philli. I read it in quite a few papers near the deadline...that he would like to go back where he was drafted.
  14. I forgot to add this about streit. He has had one good year. He can play forward...so if we get him he gives us a lot of flexibility coming off the fourth line.
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