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  1. In the playoffs, Leighton went 3-4, 1.18 and .968, allowing only 10 goals on 314 shots in seven games. That is ungodly!!
  2. I think it is a good move to get involved in the off ice operations, the business side. Let JR deal with the hockey side of the team and Karmanos works on the business side. The team will become profitable within 3 years at the longest.
  3. Was making a point on the topic of potential backup goalie, and giving some insight that #s don't alwats tell the whole story.
  4. It was tough their offense was either hurt or called up. Nolan, Aucoin, Bayda, Borer, Hughes, plus Conboy's 8 games suspension didn't help.
  5. So we can put a stop to everyone crying about us not being in the playoffs because of how hurt we were this year. We were 7th in Man games lost for the season with 287. Both Boston and Colorado had more injuries than us (Col 6th w/ 288 and Bos 3rd w/305). Also Philly and Pit were both 8th and 9th respectfully.
  6. Touchee didn't realize that thanks.
  7. So if he is past his prime and has no potential why the 3 year deal for what 8 mill? Top Teir D for those two no but you will get a solid top 4 guy.
  8. By that logic then Samsonov is past his prime (He will be 30 by the time the season starts). I wouldn't mind packaging Larose and Letowski for a D man.
  9. Thats what I figured, Doesn't matter about the team if ou are in one of those markets, like Buff, toronto, Philly, Det, etc.
  10. Philly is a hockey market thats why even last year when they were awful they were still up there in attendance. I would be curious to see Toronto the last few years.
  11. Laviollette locked down? How would you like that done? He already has 3 more seasons left on his current contract.
  12. I decided to look at the cap # the canes had in comparison to the league. Car is 15th in the league here is the list of play off teas and rank 1.Philly 2. Bos 3. NYR 4. Ana 7. Dal 11.Col 12.Min 13. Calgary 14. Det 16. Ott 17. Mon 18. NJD 21. Pitt 26. Was 27 SJS 30. Nash Teams that missed 5. edm 6.Chi 8. Tor 9. STL 10. Van 15. Car So in the top 10 only half made the playoffs. There is no real rhyme or reason for $$ determining playoffs. Now look at the coaches for each team and thats where I think you will see the biggest differences.
  13. Yes McLeod will be qualified but what will his # be qualified at... Ultimately since everyone else is throwing out crazy hopes how about Boll love that kid! I now we don't need another leader, however, he was the one I liked the most for a ufa d man.
  14. I know his Cap # could be high but Jason Smith(Philly) is a UFA. 1.976 last year, but here is a defensive defense men and a great leader.
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