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  1. with carolina havin the reputation of gettin players to be at their best, bertuzzi would add some size up front. The guy made under 2 mil last year... but not sure where he would fit in our lineup... what do u guys think
  2. i would be happy if canes would get beauchemin or backman on d as for forwards, tanguay is a long shot for us... the guy made over 5 mil last year there arent any free agents left that would play a 1st line role
  3. We are simply out of gas... canes are basically playing with 3 lines... ruutu, brindamour and bayda barely got any ice time (all under 10 min) ... The top 3 lines are gettin overworked... we need 4 lines to beat the pens... Canes were makin too many mistakes and pens made us pay almost everytime. One thing that the canes are lacking, besides getting more shots and goals on fleury, is that they are not finishin their checks... there were so many times when we were defendin, the canes were using their stick to knock the puck off the pens players stick with their head down. Canes didnt succeed in doin that as many pens players are good danglers. instead of lettin pens player dangle and creatin an opportunity, hit him! It was like watching a novice game where body contact is illegal. Watch the entire game again and ull see how many times the canes let players dangle without tryin to knock the opponent off the puck. Best examples are displayed when crosby has the puck in the corners. Defenceman would be standing at least 3 feet away from him using the stick to knock the puck off his stick. knock the player off the puck and the pens player is no longer part of the play. Even though the canes are in a huge hole, i still believe that they can comeback to win the series. Ward is playing well and needs help in front of him as he was left to dry on many of the goals. Take it 1 game at a time and hope for the best. Go Canes Go
  4. That statement says it all... No one counts us in from the beginning... so many people thought the bruins were gonna take us out in 5 or 6 games and when asked for reasons, their first argument was the domination of the bruins vs canes during season... this is much different and improved canes club from wat the bruins saw during the season. season play doesnt mean anything when it comes to playoffs! Great effort from the canes... they silenced the critics and non-believers of this incredible team
  5. what a way to end the series! Walker scores his first ever playoff goal and what a time to do it! This was an awesome series! Bring on the pens... Staal vs Staal... this is gonna be a sick series kudos to the canes for not givin up... wit brindy out for most of the overtime period, winning faceoffs were key to avoid givin bruins chances... staal and cully had timely faceoff victory at the right time of the game. Ward was solid, lookin calm makin the big saves when he had to and slowin the game down when bruins had oppurtunities. Mo's celebration was priceless... lookin like a theo fleury celebration on the bench. Im proud of the canes! They did whatever it took to make the playoffs, beat out two very talented hockey clubs in the most dramatic of ways. Other players stepped up their games. Get some well deserved rest! LET'S GO CANES!
  6. that was one of the worst games ive seen from the canes in these playoffs. The bruins won most of puck battles, they outshot us, outchanced us, outhit us, and out whatever else us... canes need to put this game behind them and look forward to tuesday's game. Like every loss by any team, the losing team will make adjustments to play better. Maurice is a smart coach that will make us more than prepared for game 6. With the fans at rbc center, the canes will play much better at home then tonight's game. Not every team is perfect and from time to time, a team will have a let down game. I would rather see a let down game now rather than later in the playoffs. This game was a wake up call. The bruins may think they have the momentum now, but according to weather channel, Raleigh is expected to have a category 10 hurricane tuesday night. Be prepared for an awesome game! LET'S GO CANES!!!
  7. This will go down the most entertainin series. Both pens and flyers have tremendous skill. its gonna be a series that will be decided on lucky bounces favoring pens or flyers. both biron and fleury have the ability to be great goaltenders. I think that the pens will take it in 7. Ps im expecting 3rd and 4th line players to give pens the edge on this series
  8. Bruins are more than likely to dominate this series. I can't think of anything that the canadians would have an advantage over the bruins. The only advantage for mtl is that they will have over 21000 fans at the bell center while the garden fits under 18000. thats about it.
  9. the caps r one dimensional... they rely too much on the backstrom, semin, and ovechkin line, with the addition of mike green. Theodore has yet to prove that he can bailout caps defense. In order for theodore to play at his best, the caps need to be more responsible defensively as they give away many chances. It is the duty of the rangers to capitalize on these opportunities. Lundqvist will do a much better job than theodore. its up to the players in front of lundqvist to produce offense. It will be difficult for the a player from rangers to match up physically with ovechkin. as long as staal and redden can shut down the first line, avery has a chance to after green to throw him off his game. lets face it, avery would lose in a physical tilt with ovechkin. As long as the first line doesnt do anything, the caps are goin no where. it should only take 2 or 3 players to be on ovechkin lol
  10. This is goin to be a good series. Although the sharks seem to be the best team during the season, they are not the best at everything. The one thing that the ducks have on the sharks is physical presence. They love to hit and get into your face. Theyve won a stanley cup before and they knoe wat it takes to go far in the playoffs. There physical presence along with the great of Giguere were the reasons the ducks won the cup in '07. The sharks meanwhile have to stick to their game and dont allow to be shakin by the ducks and theyll hope that the ducks take dumb penalties.
  11. Both teams have the players to produce offensively while havin mediocre defense. The difference maker in this series will be the goaltending match of the bulin wall vs kipper... doesnt that sound all too familiar a few years ago.
  12. The blues are one of the most unrated teams... people tend to forget their position earlier in the year... they were in the bottom half of the western conference. They put on a good streak in order to put themselves in the 6th seed. In there last 23 games, the blues went 16-5-2, considering that the injuries they have. According to nhl.com, there is the possibility of a return of Kariya. Assuming that he doesnt go into the series cold, he can add offense, speed and leadership go into the series vs canucks. I wouldnt be surprised that the blues pull off the upset
  13. For the Jackets, the pressure is all on mason. He has had the best season out of any jacket. Although Nash has average about point a game for the season, first time in his career, mason's accomplishments dont come very often. Without Mason, the jackets would not be in the position that they are today. Both the red wings and jackets do not let many shot against per game. The only way i can see the jackets win is that they go right Osgoode. He has been inconsistent this season with higher goal against. as long as osgoode remains cold the jackets are takin the series. On the other hand, if osgoode finds consistency, red wings offense will over power the jackets.
  14. Slugs lose to thrashers in OT If they can't beat the thrashers, there gonna have trouble down the stretch having all of there last games against playoff opponents except for 1 game Canes have a huge against rangers both teams have played equal amount of games (77 games) only to be separated by 2 pts. A win in regulation by the canes will give them a 4 pt edge on rangers, which will help solidifyin at least the 6th spot in east.
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