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  1. What the hell happened. How do you win 4 - 0 . Then get outshot 40 to 18 and loose 3 - 0. Leighton must have stood on his head. If the game was that lopsided they Philly must have had a lot of good scoring chances? or were there a lot of shots from outstide.
  2. Yes, that makes sense. He is a very quiet kid. Which unfortunately could be working against him. I wish he would show more aggression but it just doesn't seem to be there. Hopefully steady, solid and quiet is enought to keep him progressing. Thanks again.
  3. Hey Max, Did you watch him play last year in Albany. He seemed to have a better year in his first year. Wondering why he seemed out of place this year. I think Albany had a very strong defensive core this year and that maybe put him out of place. How is his foot speed at this level. Any problems with him handling the speed of the game i.e 1 on 1, pivots etc. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I appreciate the input. It is really hard to know what is going on. I try listening to some of the games but it's tough. He is actually my cousins son and I used to watch him lots when he played in the WHL for the Calgary Hitmen.
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