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  1. I hope that the stingrays lose. They knocked my team out of the playoffs. And the florida everblades are not in the playoffs (which is not the team I root for). So I really don't care who wins.
  2. I don't feel that missing postseason should solely be placed on Cam Ward's shoulders. Hockey is a team effort sport. It takes the whole team to play and it takes the whole team to try to stop the other team. It is Cam's job to stop the on shot goals but it is the rest of the teams job to try and stop them from trying to take their shots at the goal. Remember Cam helped the team win the Stanely in 2006. And everyone said that Cam was great and now that they are not in the playoffs you want him off the team. It doesn't sound to fair to me. You should take the good with the bad when it comes to Cam and honestly he is one of the best goalie the Canes have. I am ashamed that you are not willing to stand by your team and yes I said team because Cam is part of the team, when they lose but you stick by them when they win. If you are a true Cane fan you stick by your team through thick and thin. If you don't want to stick by your team then you shouldn't call yourselves a Cane.
  3. Cyndi (2 1/2) Kendall (3 1/2) Just thought that I would add their pics.
  4. I hope that they give Ruutu an offer. It will be nice to see him on the roster next year. I love watching our boys play and I can't wait until next season. The 2008-2009 season isn't coming fast enough for me to get my cane fix. So I just hope that my kids keep me busy until then. Plus my girls love watching hockey with me and my husband. We have Staal/Ward wallpaper on the computer and everytime my two year see it she calls them by their names. So does my three year old. It is a proud proud day when your little girls love watching hockey as much as you do.
  5. I will love to walk but it is only if my doctors ok's it. I am will be 7 months pregnant and coming all the way from columbia, sc. I know that it is really important to have your yearly check-up. My husband's aunt Linda died last year from breast cancer. She was an amazing woman. I have know her since I was 17 yrs old. I met her at my husbands family reunion while we were dating. If I am able to walk I am going to dedicate this walk to her. Her name is Linda Arndt. Linda we love and miss you everyday.
  6. My prayers are with the Staal family. I miss my grandfather everyday and he has been gone for 18 years. My only hope is that Eric and Jordan will be back in action soon. I feel that the Pens will be going to the Cup this year. And I know that if they will the cup that Jordan will dedicate his win the his grandfather. Once more I am deeply sorry for the Staal family lost. Cyndi's is wearing the wonderful number 12. Go Eric Staal
  7. All I know is that Center Ice has been worth every penny for my husband and I. We got center ice at the being of the hockey season and we are glad we did, because with us living in South Carolina, every time the guide on TWC said that the canes were on, they weren't. So we had the pleasure of watching the canes play every game. But now that they arent' in the playoffs we watch (or should I say he) on center ice. We are watching the Staal Bros go at it. But I think marc is going to be watching his older brother soon enough from the stands. But to answer your question. Do I think Center Ice is worth it, maybe at the being of the season up to now, as for NHL network I have no clue we haven't used it yet. But we probably will try it this up coming season.
  8. I won't root for no team other than the Canes. But I must say that the Staals got talent. We have the best one and it might be good to pick up the youngest Staal. We can't let talent like that go to other team now can we. Besides it was kinda fun watching the brothers Jordan and Marc play one another.
  9. I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I became a Hurricanes fan when I saw my first Canes game on TV during the 2006 playoffs. At the time I really liked football and baseball, but since I watched my first game, I have loved hockey ever since. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing the Canes play at the RBC Center yet. I have three small children and money is low. But just recently my sweet husband drove all the way to The Eye and bought me a number 12- Eric Staal jersey. I have already got pictures with my girls in it. My oldest likes to watch the games with us on tv (when she is awake). She's 3. She gets so excited when the Canes score. I can't wait until next season. I want to see the Canes take washington down. I know that there are at least two families in this area that are Hurricane fans. My family and the Roger family. Go Canes
  10. I feel that Staal is worth every penny that the Canes are paying him. He stepped up when Brindy got hurt and was out for the season. I hope that Eric does well in Canada during the series. And I can't wait to see the Canes back on the ice next season. This time Washington goes down.
  11. I am hoping that Washington loses tonight but I know that they are in over time. Let's go Philly. I'm not a fan of philly but I am mad that Washington knocked the Canes out of the playoffs.
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