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  1. I am too. But not an old enough fart to have seen the real Floyd back in the day, so I'll take what I can get (I've seen Brit Floyd once before, they were pretty good). I did see Roger do The Wall at PNC. Great show. Now I'll have to wait until 2021 to get a fix …!
  2. Pfft. My husband bought me tix for the Brit Floyd tribute band for Christmas. The concert was supposed to be in April. Then it was postponed until July. Coupla days ago we got an email from the venue saying it's been postponed again … until August 2021! We'll probably end up misplacing the tickets long before then. I've been wondering if he'd become a NASCAR convert since it looks like the Coca-Cola 500 will happen - at least it would be something to watch. He says he's not that desperate … yet, lol. He's holding out for Formula 1.
  3. I heard that ESPN is airing Korean baseball in absence of anything else new to air. I checked it out today - they aren't allowing fans in the stadiums yet, and while it was certainly different, it really wasn't bad at all. Now if the commentators would just shut their yaps, that'd be great, lol. They talked about just about everything BUT the game!
  4. Nice work, beboplar! Someone just sent me this sweet 3-minute vid - it's from 2018, but I hadn't heard about it at the time. Tim Horton's flew Kenya's only hockey team to Canada to play a game and meet a couple of their heroes.
  5. Yes, I get this. And I think that's fine, if the league considers things carefully and decides it's safe to have games - just remember not everyone involved in the playing of games is 25 and robustly healthy. Coaches, maintenance and supply and other support people may not be, and players can't play without those people. That's also not going to bring back full revenue, which is so tied up with all this. Yes, they'll get TV money again (and TV crews are another group that have to work on these things). My husband is a multi-sport fan and he'd be delighted to have something, anything to watch again! But no fans in seats means local arenas get nothing. There's no ticket revenue, no food and beverage revenue, no people coming in from out of town and spending at hotels and restaurants. This is all going to be a really hard nut to crack. I'm sorry your PA and her husband were sick. I hope they were able to isolate. I know there are a lot of folks out there who probably didn't or couldn't. Which just makes things harder for us older folk. I do hope she'll be able to donate plasma, though, if she does end up positive. Amazing that we have to resort to a 100-year-old treatment method right now, but it's better than nothing I guess.
  6. Welp, I am not a doctor or any kind of scientific expert, but I can tell you that just because some government entity decides businesses can open again, it doesn’t mean the people will necessarily come. I know I sure won’t subject myself to close quarters with a bunch of other folks until I can feel comfortable that I won’t get seriously ill from doing so – there’s no restaurant meal, concert, or sporting event experience I want badly enough to risk that. I know several folks my age (mid-50s), both with and without risk factors who were scarily, miserably ill with this thing. None required hospitalization but all experienced about a week of moderate illness followed by a day or two of feeling better only to relapse into being much worse, including vomiting, extreme weakness (being too weak to stand at times) and coughing up blood. I do not want to spend 2-3 weeks of my life wondering if I’ll get better or get worse enough to need someone to call 911 for me. On the flip side I’d also very much like to avoid being an asymptomatic carrier that could cause someone else to be in that boat or worse – and it is beginning to sound like there’s no small measure of those folks around too. Thing is, sports like professional hockey rely on people like me to put our butts in seats – us older folks have the disposable cash to do that. If we aren’t feeling like we are safe doing that, it doesn’t matter who opens what when. The money isn’t going to show up. I think financially it’s going to take longer and be more complicated than just saying it’s OK that nonessential businesses can open again. We're going to need to see an effective vaccine or treatment, or real numbers showing that the risk is now very small. We're not close to any of that. I’m going to wait for more answers and I am sure I am not the only one. That said, I have very much appreciated reading everyone’s posts in this thread. Between this and the people I work with and serve (I work for a public-health related entity) I have learned way more about this than I ever could have reading news items in lay media. I'm not happy about where we are right now but I do know that will change.
  7. Just coming out of lurk mode to say how much I am enjoying this thread - the woodworking projects are beautiful! I'm afraid the only contribution I can make is a silly graphic, though.
  8. Looking at the promotions schedule online, there's no bobblehead nights scheduled for this year. Very thin on giveaways this season. If you're looking for any particular bobbleheads from previous seasons, though, PM me. I've got some to give away.
  9. Too little too late, probably. And yes, what was with the angles? I'd have thought if it was an intern producer they'd have someone check the final product before it went out, which doesn't seem to be the case. Weird.
  10. I've got two tickets AND a parking pass free to give away to a Hurricanes fan. They are on the club level, section 206, row D, seats 15 and 16. Date is Saturday, March 29 at 7 pm. vs. the Blue Jackets. First fan to PM me with their postal mail addy (parking passes are not transferrable electronically) gets 'em. Thanks! Nancy
  11. Tickets for my 12-game plan just showed up this morning. Nice package, worth waiting for!
  12. Love the plans this year, and that they'll let us do seat selection online! My work schedule changed, which would make it impossible for me to make games on Tuesday or Wednesday for most of the season, so the weekend plan is just perfect.
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