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  1. Looking at the promotions schedule online, there's no bobblehead nights scheduled for this year. Very thin on giveaways this season. If you're looking for any particular bobbleheads from previous seasons, though, PM me. I've got some to give away.
  2. Too little too late, probably. And yes, what was with the angles? I'd have thought if it was an intern producer they'd have someone check the final product before it went out, which doesn't seem to be the case. Weird.
  3. I've got two tickets AND a parking pass free to give away to a Hurricanes fan. They are on the club level, section 206, row D, seats 15 and 16. Date is Saturday, March 29 at 7 pm. vs. the Blue Jackets. First fan to PM me with their postal mail addy (parking passes are not transferrable electronically) gets 'em. Thanks! Nancy
  4. Tickets for my 12-game plan just showed up this morning. Nice package, worth waiting for!
  5. Love the plans this year, and that they'll let us do seat selection online! My work schedule changed, which would make it impossible for me to make games on Tuesday or Wednesday for most of the season, so the weekend plan is just perfect.
  6. Bruins tickets are gone. Flyers tickets still available.
  7. Hi all, We're done for this season. I've got two tickets for the Saturday, April 13th game vs. the Bruins and two for the Saturday, April 20th game vs. the Flyers to give away, first come, first served. Seats are section 206, row D, 15 and 16, which is the end of the row. I'll need your name and email address to transfer the tickets via the Account Manager. PM if you are interested, thanks.
  8. Hi all, I am sick as a dog and won't be able to make it to the 'Canes game tomorrow. Since I hate to have the tickets go to waste and won't be able to do an exchange (none of those dates work for us), I'd like to give them to whoever responds first - I'll need your email address so I can forward the tickets electronically from the Account Manager. Two tickets, seats are section 206, row D, 15 and 16, which is the end of the row.
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