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  1. Thank You for saying that, I'm glad someone actually did. This has nothing to do with Grahame. He as well as the rest of the team is having to deal with a shocking tragic lost. Some people need to get over themselves. And if it wasn't meant that way, sorry. You really should re-phase the post. All you are is baiting others to do the same. And rather he was on the bench or the ice, its all the same. My heart goes out to Cherepanov's family, friends, as well as the organization. May you rest in peace.
  2. Has any of you guys suffered a serious concussion. Effects can last a life time. And with some people alot or just what we consider normal everyday movement can trigger bad effects (ex. riding in car can trigger something that could be like serious motion sickness). So he didn't attend meetings. OK To me, there is nothing wrong with JR. He could have made the trip to Tanable instead. Being the GM, that would have been classy of him to do. The way this is all playing out makes me really think there is alot more to this whole situation than anyone here knows. Or that the team is letting on.
  3. May want to read not just US articles since it seems our county is really one sided. Georgia invaded the separatist province of South Ossetia which is protected and helped out by Russia. They are considered Russian citizens with Russian passports. Russia was just protecting their own when they retaliated. To me, this situations sounds really familiar to what the US does all the time. But our government calls Russia wrong. A little hypocritical of us if you ask me. Its all simple, Georgia went where they were not suppose to, got a big slap on the wrist for their wrong to teach them a lesson. Because of the acts of the Georgia government, innocent people suffered. Russia was just trying to protect their own which is the same thing the US does all the time.
  4. Be careful on what you read. I heard alot of what was put out there was for publicity for the movie. From what the coroner and Dr. reports said is that he had insomnia, which is fairly common these days plus he had been fighting pneumonia. Everyone reacts differently to drugs and he had an adverse effect, they stopped working then all of a sudden they did work. With him being sick, his body was out of rack. Never been a big fan of these movie's but this was awesome. He should get a Oscar for it. The Joker rules!
  5. BMITG

    Worst pet peeve?

    1) People who don't use their turn signals. People who drive too slow. If someone is riding your tail, move to the next lane if you can and let them pass. 2) Close-minded people and fake people. Also people who call others hypocrites. They usually are ones' themselves. 3) People who judge others when they are in no position to in the first place. Come on people, to each their own. Let people live how they want to. You live your life, let them live theirs. Nobody was put here to make everyone happy. If you are happy with your life, thats what matters most. They are probably content to how they are too. Doesn't make them wrong. 4) Blue-tooth, enough said! 5) If you are going to use a cell phone in public, please be discrete about it. Everybody else around you shouldn't have to hear your conversation. 6) And if you use your cell phone, be respectful if you are wanting others to help on you and put your phone away. I'm sure the waiters, tellers, check out people, etc would really appriciate it. 7) Not everyone is/was an English major. There are going to be misspellings but we all should know how to use upper case letters and when. Its not that hard to write a correct sentence. And with that note, some people have broader vocabularies than others and they are aloud to use it if they want to. 8) Just because someone is not like you does not mean they are any less special. 9) Election time, enough said there too! This is suppose to be a country where we are aloud free speech and aloud to be different. Some people need to learn to except and respect that.
  6. The opening game and maybe the first few are suppose to be announced on Wednesday. The full schedule is not going to be released till Thursday.
  7. Its not against the CBA: "(ii) any decrease in Player Salary and Bonuses from one League Year to another may not exceed 50 percent of the Player Salary and Bonuses of the lower of the first two League Years of the SPC (or, if such amounts are the same, 50 percent of that same amount). " That means since he gets 10mil the first 2 yrs, it can not drop more than half or 50% which would be 5mil. That last part of the contract does not drop more than 5 mil. Thats why it cleared and is a done deal.
  8. Late chiming in here but the University of Miami has been using it since the '90's.
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