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  1. I live in Greensboro and have been a STH since 2005. There are actually a lot of Hurricanes fans in the Triad as evidenced by stickers, flags, etc. I either go to the games or watch it at home but I've heard JP Looneys at Holden and Spring Garden always carry the games. It actually would be great to form a Triad Hurricanes Club or something...
  2. A more active site is canescountry.com
  3. How did you get a specific 12 game seat at any point? I was told that wasn't allowed.
  4. I don't think any GM is going to give up Hall/Seguin for anything besides the ridiculous (think Staal, E.). They would be roasted by their fanbase. I do think we could possibly trade up to four-six, however.
  5. The idea here is not democracy. It's called capitalism. It's not about who's a "better fan"...it's not personal. If the Canes can use the ASG to get more Season Ticket Holders, they should. Period. If you or I or anybody else pay the money to be 26/Full STH, then we should get priority over those that don't. That's called incentive. Again, this is not personal! Getting your feelings hurt is irrelevant. As a 12 game packer, I don't expect (or bizarrely demand) that I should get tickets to the ASG. I won't attempt to hold up my level of fanhood as an argument. End of rant.
  6. I'm currently a 26 game packer who is moving down to the 12 game pack next year. I've been a season ticket holder since 2005 but I can't justify doing 26 games when I only attended about 14 this year (I live in Greensboro). That being said I would very much like to go to the ASG next year but if the new 26 game packers get tickets instead of me, I completely understand. I hope we get a lot of new STH because of this game!
  7. The problem is that even if JR packages all three 2nd round picks--he'll probably get a late 1st rounder at best. I don't believe that any team with a top 5 pick is going to give that up.Period. I'd like to be wrong. I feel like we'll get about the #8 to 9 pick and possibly a high 1st (25-30) if we package the three 2nd round picks.
  8. You have to believe that Pittsburgh might be the front runner...They are opening their "state-of-the-art" building next season....Crosby, Bettman, New building.... It'll be an uphill climb for the ol' RBC Center.
  9. I'm a big Joni fan so if he's traded it better be for some strong defenseman. The image I'm getting is Pitkanen for Phaneuf which would be a mistake given Phaneuf's salary and his apparent attitude.
  10. Last chance--leaving my house at 4:30 to go shopping
  11. I have not sold these yet. If anyone is interested please respond very soon at bmurphy4@triad.rr.com.
  12. Price changed to 40.00. I can email tickets directly to you.
  13. You must not have been around for Maurice, Volume 1. When I first heard Maurice was rehired I was upset since it took so long for him to get fired the first time. Many of us waited two years for JR to finally pull the plug. I believe last year was a hybrid of Lavi's offense and Mo's defense (which was successful). Now, we're "full on" Maurice. Some might wonder why we're impatient to get rid of Maurice...but if you've been around for the duration...and you've witnessed six years of "dump and chase, stagnant offense, sit on a lead and play to lose" Maurice hockey...you can understand many fans' impatience.There is no "knee-jerk" reaction to firing Maurice because there's nothing on the other side. It may not make a momentous immediate change but we're not going to regret it in the long run.
  14. I believe you are confusing external and internal cap here. The external cap is inflated (due to Staal's contract) and irrelevant due to the fact the we will not hit the league max. The internal cap (actual payroll) is at 47.4 with Kabs and Suter on the books. Subtract this and and you're at 45 and change before Ruutu and a 6th defense men. That's a little different picture.
  15. I;ve been a fan of the team since the late 80's (living in Connecticut), in Greensboro (since I live in Greensboro since 1993) and have been a season ticket holder since 2003. Look, Cole now is not the BBC line Cole and not the pre-injury Cole. I think he's been a trooper for this organization...but I've also watched him closely for the last three or so years...and his performance in the playoffs does not appear to have been a fluke. If you sign him for millions and give him top six minutes--it will set back the Canes (imho). I'd like to be wrong but I just don't think he will regain his pre-injury, BBC production.
  16. My feeling is that if we sign Cole for one dollar and put him on the top two lines we hamstring ourselves in two ways. (As was said) it puts an underperforming Cole on the ice for 18 minutes a night and it blocks a better player from having those minutes. My feeling is that the best possible move is to not sign Cole and to use that money saved to get a bonafide top six forward (or shut down defensiveman). I really don't understand what logic (other than sentimental reasons) that we bring Cole back under any circumstances.
  17. As an Army veteran (and a Canes fan), I've got no problem with yelling "Red" or "O" or players skating off five seconds before the end of the anthem. If you think this makes people somehow less patriotic then that's your opinion (albeit IMHO superficial). The USA runs much deeper than this...
  18. That's exactly my point--we have no idea how Ronnie Francis would be as a head coach because he has no experience. It's a complete crapshoot.
  19. I still don't understand why anyone would think that Ron Francis should be a head coach. This is absolutely no disrepect meant to our former Captain...but just because someone is beloved...why should they be a head coach (which requires much different skills/attitudes than being a player). Can someone explain this?
  20. I've not enjoyed the stoicism of Maurice. I understand you don't want to be a raving lunatic throwing trash onto the ice, but a little passion doesn't hurt. In fact, if your hockey players are susceptible to "panic" if you, as the coach, get heated, what kind of players have you got. All this being said, I hope Maurice 2.0 leaves after this season regardless. In addition, I'm not sure what makes people think that Ronnie Francis will be a great coach if Maurice leaves. At best, it's a crapshoot. My feeling would be to replace Maurice with Tom Rowe or someone else outside the organization. Just my two cents.
  21. Gleason has looked beyond horrible this year...It is pure speculation (in my opinion) that he'll drastically improve. His occasional hits do not make up for many instances of losing his man around the net, lack of fundamental footspeed/quickness, and bizarre hockey sense. I just don't see it.
  22. I think Time Warner had the free preview last week. They were scrolling free preview at the bottom of the screen and had that annoying "Pittsburgh/Crosby stalker fan in his basement" commercial running incessantly.
  23. Gleason looks a little like Buzz Lightyear in that photo
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