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  1. And just to give an idea of what you'd be looking at, depth wise, with the kind of trade I'm talking about Ruutu-Staal-Williams Samsonov-Brindy-Walker LaRose-Cullen-Eaves (the line for a potential Sutter placement) Hordichuk/Brookbank/Bayda-Letowski/Aucoin/Hamilton-Nolan/Dwyer (potential for throw-in player in Cole/Whitney trade) Gleason-(Acquired in Cole/Whitney trade) Wallin-Corvo Seidenberg/Kaberle-Conboy Those lines aren't half bad. You'd have a largely unproven 3rd line, but one that definitely has the potential for a big breakout year. Everything else looks good to go. Heck, with a defense like that, you could afford to cut either Wallin or Kaberle (we can only hope)
  2. LaRose is an annoying little gnat to other teams that plays with energy that comes from a source that can't be of this planet. He also is great at creating chances seemingly every time he is on the ice. Unfortunately, we were unable to capitalize on most of the chances he created last year, but I really liked his play, and I've really got a feeling he's due for a breakout year in the scorer's sheet. As far as trading away our top 2 scorers and being up a creek because of it, I doubt it. Whitney is up there in years, and I would not be surprised at all to see his production start to steadily decline over the coming years. I work in the financial sector, and the one thing we are drilled is to always try to sell when you think your investment has peaked. Don't hold onto it too long, or you'll end up costing yourself. Well, I think this is the case with Whitney. And we have already gone over Cole and what he would get us in a trade countless times on here. I just think a trade like this makes too much sense to ignore. It would accomplish everything we want and need to get accomplished this year without killing our offensive productivity. I mean heck, we were able to get by with both Cole and Whitney playing hurt for a majority of last season, so we already know we can afford to let them go and still do well. Plus, Eaves has yet to show us what he can do, and if he plays to his potential, he very well could step into the mold that Whitney vacates and not miss a step
  3. Like a true #1 d-man? and possibly (I mean possibly) depth draft pick(s)? Nothing serious, more like a 4th or 5th rounder. We have 2 needs right now... Get younger and get better defense. A deal like that would accomplish both. We'd get the blockbuster trade for the elite d-man we need, and we'd free up roster space for future growth and promotion within the franchise. Yes, it would be a huge shakeup, but with JR's ability to really find what we need and get it, the possibilities of him being able to put a package deal like that together is almost scary.
  4. We could trade 2 top-9 forwards. Why? I think we could see someone like LaRose step in nicely in a 3rd line spot next year and be OK. I think he's too good to be relegated to 4th line mop up duties, but he just wasn't cut out to be on the 1st and second lines like he was last year. Move him to the third line, let Hordichuk take his place, move Ruutu up into Cole's spot (after he gets traded) and you could afford to make a deal including another one of our top-9, like Whitney, who is up there in age. Plus, if Sutter becomes the real deal this year (no guarantee of that, but its possible) we're going to need to open up a roster spot somehow. Doing that would leave the perfect opportunity to do so.
  5. Oh, of course he's the prototypical energy line player, and a complete upgrade over what we were rolling out last year
  6. In case you want to see some of Darci's best work as a NHL'er http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvLd6juoqEM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIM2ITaltdM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfyzwop4Qsk <--- Absolutely unloading on a poor Buffalo chap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpl0_rZqm50
  7. I think I might have an idea of what he might be doing (although how many times has that been said, and then what actually happens comes out of left field) Anyway, this sets us up for a bigtime trade over the next few days. You can now afford to throw in an extra forward to sweeten any deal we're trying to get done. Now you could see a deal like this happen: Cole + Letowski/LaRose + draft pick(s) for #1 d-man (+picks) Now, with that being said, if you want to get really creative with this, you could see something really big happen... let me show you an example Cole + Whitney (+ draft picks) for elite #1 d-man Now, that sounds way too far fetched, but look at the roster. If we are able to retain Ruutu and we can sign Hordichuk to his contract, we can now afford to let BOTH Cole and Whitney go, and this also would leave the door open for Sutter to have a roster spot for when his time comes later this season. You want my honest opinion, I'm willing to bet that JR has something like this deal up his sleeve and we'll be pretty hyped up and excited when it happens. Also, I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there. The signing of Hordichuk does NOTHING for the Ruutu contract talks. It does not immediately make Ruutu expendable. All this does is allow for us to throw another piece into the works in a potential Cole trade that would bring us back something special.
  8. Its a cap hit of $2.75 million per year for 4 years. Thats not half bad considering what some guys around the league are getting nowadays. Honestly, to be able to convince him to take $2 million and $2.5 million the first two years is mighty interesting. Seems to me that he took a hometown discount to stay here in Raleigh, because I would have expected him to start out at around $3 million per year and working up from there
  9. He's an NHL-calibre toughguy, though, not some AHL checker we bring up in the form of a Brookbank or something like that. There's a BIG difference between the two. This was a needed asset to the team
  10. True, but JR C.H.A. on this one, and included a stipulation that we get Nashville's 5th rounder in 2010 if he signs elsewhere. So in other words, this is basically like having a ridiculous supply of chips under the table in a game of poker. You can afford to play big, because you have things to fall back on, but if you don't get it to work out, you can just get up and walk away and be in the exact same position you started from. You want my honest opinion, this was a completely worthless trade on Nashville's part. If I was a Preds fan, I would be kinda ticked about this. There is little, if no gain for them, even if he signs with the Canes, and if he doesn't, all they do is flip 5th round picks in 2009 and 2010 with the Canes.
  11. 4 years, $2.75 mil per year for Gleason? seems pretty cheap to me, I like And now with the addition of Hordichuk, it all but guarantees some BIG movement for the Canes involving at least one forward in the next couple days at the draft
  12. I'm also thinking it could very well be Philly. They have a ton of money tied up in guys like Hatcher, who they would love to get rid of, and they already have Briere and Biron who were both friends with Campbell when they were in Buffalo, and its already been reported that Briere has been on the recruiting path for Campbell.
  13. That, and supposedly he was willing to trade Cole for him last year... If the Canes can sign him as a RFA, I could very easily see that translating into a deal involving Cole and draft pick(s) for more defensive help and depth, or possibly even a Cole deal during the draft. Who knows, but it is very interesting none-the-less
  14. Its The Onion... what do you expect? Its sayin somethin when the Canes are relevant enough in the sporting world to get The Onion to write an article about them.
  15. Ummm the 2008 Hall of Fame class was announced at 3:30 this afternoon, EST
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