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  1. Hey there - looking for 2 tix for opening night. If you have any I'd love to buy them. Thanks!
  2. I dont know if you got my message - this board is screwing me up lol. I just wanted to say again that i would love to buy two tickets to opening night and I can pick up today. Thanks!!
  3. totally sang the geico thing as well when i realized he was peering down at me...lol
  4. 1) Playoffs MVP? Jussi 2) Unsung Hero? Chad LaRose 3) Most likely to get the big pay raise next year? Chad LaRose 4) Probably played his way out of a contract? (I have a feeling we'll all disagree on this one) I hate to say it...but Cole 5) The player that is the Top Priority for JR to re-sign? (pick one only) Rosey Ruutu and Jokinen I couldn't pick one 6) Biggest disappointment? COle
  5. When i got the group together for atlanta we were "caniac invasion" which was neat bc on the jumbo it said ..." we would like to welcome caniac invasion " which was funny to see in the phillips arena
  6. We are heading out there in a little bit. Think there will be a ton of caniacs tonight?
  7. haha nice! my bf and i call Staal and Cole batman and robin...because when cole came back it was always the two of them for the goal and assist
  8. lol I call him Juicy Jussi _-- but i had a sign for game 6 vs the devils that said... " Jussi That?"
  9. haha i was cracking up when i saw this on tv...they quickly cut off her bc you would also see what her lips were saying to the canes as well... oh well at least she had a nice long ride home
  10. ohh and my #1 is my canes personalized plate.... it says Ruuu! lol
  11. Yes i love my plexi as well!! It was so big i had it cut into 6 pieces and got them to auto it But beisdes that I made a pic of Ruutu checking an oiler into the bench that says owned - and he signed it and said "oh wow what was a doing? I got lot of penalty minutes for that " haha
  12. yeah i must say - it got me a little more into it --- bc i was not expecting that lol
  13. KS wow - thats great!! Tim Rocks - i hope we keep him for the rest of the season and don't send him back to Albany - he's a great asset
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