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  1. Youklis Needs a special award for the way he Bats
  2. I wish it was over. I don't care for the Red Sox. I am a Yankees and Rays Fan.
  3. How did Vanderbilt Win? anyhow. ECU better keep it up then I might waste my money and finally go see them.
  4. Kazmir Only gave up one hit the whole night. Relivers gave up 5 runs in the 9th. Maybe the good bull pen JuJu is coming over to their Starters.
  5. Well I guess he won. he was Reinstated this morning. Poor Green Bay they will have to wait till he is 73 years old till they can get rid of him again.
  6. They Might want to Consider all the "Unusual" things he has been accused of first, I don't think bringing a Steroid using Pedophile back into the game will be a good thing on any team in the Majors.
  7. Does this mean that Manny has to get his new Batting Helmet as Dirty as the Old one?(His Batting Helmet looked as if it was caked in some Mysterious stinky brown substance)
  8. Well I didn't even know that Ken Griffey was even up for grabs. I think Adam Dunn is going to fill the Gap as a Red's Favorite
  9. I want him out of the AL please.
  10. Come On Rays!! Pick up Adam Dunn or Jason Bay and they should have a good run at the playoffs for once.
  11. Maybe Piggly Wigglys slogan "I'm Stickin with the Pig" Can be applied to this situation.
  12. Thats probably going to be the name of our MLB team if we ever get one.
  13. How are the Yankees Losing to the Orioles? 2 days ago they looked like they were unstoppable. Posada will be missed for the rest of the season.
  14. I don't care what our mascot is as long as it isnt named Katrina. Or that Hideous Green thing from the Phillies.
  15. maybe instead of changing the horn, Lets add something special like throwing some odd sea creature down on the ice. Like a Manatee.
  16. Not only that but who knows where that women has been. Madonna just did this to get back in the public spotlight.
  17. *Jaws Intro Playing* I think that they are going to have one of the best Blue Lines in all the NHL this Season.
  18. I hope it all works out. If not Wardo and Leighton are going to have their hands fiull.
  19. I think that Boston and New York have half the All Star Roster filled up with their players. I think A-Rod should have never been mentioned for the All-Star ballot. For what he is getting paid he should have already had 50 HR, 123 RBI, 62 SB and 10 GS. I think that when you pay one player more than some teams entire salary you should be excluded from the all star game. <_<
  20. Is there a limit cause it felt like I was voting for 3 hours waiting for something to say that I have reached my limit.
  21. I think when Lowell failed on that Steal attempt to get to second the Sox knew that it was over. but the last inning could have been a lot different. It was good to see some Rays fans there too and not just Boston fans. They all had the Brooms Ready too.
  22. I just hope that the Bucs and the Lightning Try to do the same thing down in the Bay. <_<
  23. Frisco Pier is the farthest south one on Hatteras Island. It needs alot of work but whenever I go there there is usually something biting. last April me and my uncle Jackie Caught about 15 Speckled Trout and had about 20 Sea Mullet.
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