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  1. Montreal games are broadcast on RDS, which is the French TSN here in Canada. They also are the only team in which blackout rules do not apply in Canada.
  2. So more Chicago signings..... Cam Barker 3 years - 9.25 million 5 Others Before this they only had aproximately 8,920,293 to spend as per Hockey Buzz Cap Numbers and they still have to work out something with Versteeg.....it would seem that they may be in the market to clear some cap space.
  3. This happened once before with New Jersey in 2000 and they were forced to make offers at market value to the players; Rafalski agreed to a 4-year, $11 million dollar extension and Madden signed a 4-year, $7 million dollar deal. The difference this time is that Chicago is up against the cap and can't make these extensions at this time without releasing players.
  4. This could make free agency a little more interesting.....Cam Barker anyone? TSN Source
  5. Just thought I'd chime in with my two cent's worth, which is probably only worth 1 1/2 cents due to the Canadian Dollar , so here goes: In my past experience the best manager's in any business are the one that are able to see the "Big Picture" as opposed to making reaction desicions. Although I was a little confused at first, I think this is at worst, the right move for the Hurricanes in the future and at best, for both now and later. Very few people (from what I have read) disagree with the fact that Lavi should have been fired. It is not that he isn't a good or a bad coach or that the players liked or disliked him, it is that he did not change his system to get the required results; he needed to be replaced. I think Maurice is a good hockey coach and was available for next to nothing with a limited amount of the hassle for the player's and staff. If you are running a business you want the transition to run as smoothly as possible. It would not make any sense for J.R. to hire a coach who would likely want a long term contract (Nolan, Torts etc.) and may not be the right person next year. Luckily Paul Maurice has a lot more talent to work with this time around and I think he deserves a chance to make it work. Just for fun here is the roster of players that played at least one game in Mo's last year : 63 Josef Vasicek 26 Erik Cole 22 Sean Hill 17 Rod Brind'Amour 92 Jeff O'Neill 12 Eric Staal Rookie Year 10 Ron Francis To Toronto 19 Radim Vrbata 6 Bret Hedican 14 Kevyn Adams 11 Justin Williams From Philadelphia 27 Craig Adams 55 Danil Markov To Philadelphia 15 Marty Murray 7 Niclas Wallin 23 Pavel Brendl 4 Aaron Ward 36 Jesse Boulerice 16 Ryan Bayda 2 Glen Wesley 8 Bob Boughner To Colorado 62 Jaroslav Svoboda 38 Allan Rourke 18 Mike Zigomanis 25 Bruno St. Jacques 47 Brad Fast 52 Damian Surma 71 Tomas Malec 56 Brett Lysak 33 Joey Tetarenko 37 Tomas Kurka Goalies Kevin Weekes Arturs Irbe Jamie Storr
  6. I am going to take a guess here: Kevin Weekes started the game, Archie Irbe finished. Montreal player that took the penalty was (this is a complete guess) Joe Juneau? The Montreal coach was Michel Therrien The official has to be Kerry Fraser.
  7. With our inability to trade Kabs and us being over the self imposed cap, Stormy might be the one to go.
  8. People that congregate at the top of an escalator. <_< "Man, there's not a year goes by, not one year, that I don't here about some escalator accident involving some b****** kid that could have easily been avoided if some parent, I don't care which one, but some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator!"~Brodie
  9. I was wondering about Wesley's retirement game as well and was hoping that they would play the Bruins earlier ... not until December 27th though.
  10. The thing about Sutter is that he is not a pure goal scorer to begin with, he is a strong defensive, positional player. Being in Junior will not help him in that regards and he needs to be against top goaltenders in order to improve his scoring touch. There are way more players that light it up in Junior that usually come to the NHL to learn defense and don't become goal scorers in the NHL. Sutter is already blessed with the toughest skills to learn as a rookie and has been coached his whole life by his dad, it's not just his name. Worst case scenario if he doesn't step into the role completely, he gains a year of NHL experience and we send him to Albany next year. I can guarantee that Carolina will be a far better record than Red Deer will have in the WHL as we were only two points out of the playoffs and had more wins than some of the teams that were in, Red Deer will probably finish last. It's in our best interest for him not to have to play third line, but he is exactly what we need for the fourth line as Lavi likes to use the fourth line for energy, faceoffs and penalty killers.
  11. I totally agree and I am even sure that the Brindy's workout plan is more advanced than Red Deer's as well. I am also convinced he won't play third line and JR won't acquire another center unless there is an injury. JR is already over the self imposed cap and unless there is a steal out there it likely won't happen. The job is Sutter's to lose, he has been told that and by all accounts so far has looked the part.
  12. IMO he is completely mentally ready for the NHL and different than the past prospects we have had, after all he has been raised in the royal family of hockey. He understands the game better than a lot of current NHL players and is always taking in all the information he can get. I have watched him play in Red Deer and there is no worse situation he could be in, even if the Canes have a bad year. As long as our expectations don't exceed him being a fourth liner and penalty killer (he was by far team Canada's best), he will do just fine.
  13. It should be noted that while Detroit is a model of consistency, all of the players noted above are from overseas. This has more to do with the fact that their European scouts are the best in the business. A lot of European players also have more time to develop as they are not rushed here and some play professionally there first. Detroit made a conscience decision to do this after years of having to draft late, because usually most of the other teams scouting in Europe was minimal. The other teams are now catching up.
  14. While the drafting of first round prospects was probably JR's weakness, his track record since 2002 has been pretty good. Drafting players has a lot to do with the scouts and arguably how the general manager uses their draft picks to improve the team. His track record looks considerably better overall when you include trades that he made with some of the drafted players.
  15. Agreed on all points. Small market teams need to fill the stands consistently to be able to stay where they are. Numerous sources have indicated that the six Canadian teams accounted for 31% of the 1.1 billion US$ in NHL ticket revenue this past year. To put it in perspective Edmonton and Ottawa took in the least amount of ticket revenue of the Canadian teams with roughly 1.2 million dollars per game and has a population of roughly 1,034,945 and 812,129 perspectively, whereas Phoenix generated only 450,000 thousand dollars total with a population of roughly 1,512,986. With those kind of numbers any team moving will likely be coming to Canada and looking at the numbers it is not likely the Canes would be the team moving. Here is one of the sources : http://www.thestar.com/Sports/Hockey/article/433906' target="_blank">Toronto Star[/post]
  16. I don't think that the internal salary cap will spell doom for the Canes as it has been proven time and time again that the amount of money spent does not always translate to the success of the team. That being said the salary cap in general may be an issue if a small percentage of the teams are making a large percent of the profits therefore raising the salary cap and cap floor to levels that might not be attainable for small market teams that don't make money. As long as the team is making money there shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately the Canes are taking some monetary losses, but there are teams that would be moved before us.
  17. The draft position comment had absolutely nothing to do with the comparing of the player's talents or the money that they deserve now, it does however support Ruutu's initial contract(s) given by Chicago. If you had a choice between signing an initial contract with your first round draft pick and your undrafted free agent which do you give more money to? It was an argument to support why Ruutu's salary is as high as it is.
  18. Both players are valuable in their own ways and I am glad they are signed. However we had to give Ruutu that amount to retain him as Chicago gave him his initial contract and he was a highly touted first round draft pick. Based on stats I would agree that both are over paid, however we had far more control over Chad's contract and IMHO I believe the arbitrator would have given him a lower salary as well (700K).
  19. Point well taken TSA. You are correct and we definitely need to be more respectful of others. I know that I will do so in the future. In mine and some other people's defence the original post did not really have any evidence which supported the idea behind it. Hence being an opinion, we should all be mindful of the reaction our opinions may generate. I really did think that the thread was a non issue as neither player is with the team currently or with Ottawa now. I apologize to the original poster if my reaction was viewed as disrespectful.
  20. Power rankings systems are always messed up and completely inaccurate, as it was mentioned above the playoff teams were exactly the same. I am pretty sure you can count on the playoff teams being different this year I will go out on a limb and say Tampa is at least better than Toronto (as of right now anyways) and Washington IMHO opinion has gone from a strong goaltending tandem of Huet/Kolzig to a average tandem of Theodore/Johnson. I think we are in a much better position than last year.
  21. There is no denying Chad's work ethic, ability to fill in for injured players and that he at least deserves a small raise for his contributions. However he is clearly not in a position of strength in arbitration as we have more than enough players that are able to fill roles where necessary. IMHO, Bayda filled in more than adequately on the 3rd line when playing with Walker and Aucoin also Conboy, Nolan and Brookbank definitely held there own when called up for the fourth line. I don't think anyone would argue that (OK, maybe some would ) We also have an excellent penalty killing center coming up in Sutter. I am sure JR would not WANT to let Chad walk, however I have a feeling he would walk away from anything more than the team's initial offer in arbitration, just because of our supply of wingers and the likelihood is that we won't have as many injuries as last year.
  22. I would agree with most of this however I think Conboy will start in Albany or be a 4th line forward replacement as he is signed to a two way contract and we have Melichar signed as well. I hope we can sucker someone in to a second rounder for Kabs!
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong but under the CBA, contracts of players 35-years of age or older will still count against the cap even if the player retires midway through the contract. I believe the Flyers are on the hook for Hatcher regardless.
  24. I am not willing to say that Sutter is the next coming of "insert player name here", but I can tell you from watching the World Junior tournaments that Sutter was the reason Team Canada's penalty killing was so good. He understands hockey positioning far better than a lot of current NHL players and is NHL ready in that regard. His dad taught him well, once he adds some size he will be a solid player for years to come.
  25. This clarifies my point exactly. It is not about the stats specifically, as yes both of those goalies did have slightly better numbers, it's about the trending of improvement. Would Cam's first three year numbers be better if he was on the Devils teams that played the trap and had Stevens and Niedermayer? That is not to say Brodeur is not a great goaltender, I just think that the only fair way to judge a goaltender is based on their individual year to year improvement.
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