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  1. I guess we can look forward to seeing a bunch of empty seats again. I have talked to at least 4 people that aren't buying tickets that they would have if the time had been set (total of 15 tickets lost, most wated lower level as well). Because of work or life conflicts, they can't commit to that kind of cash without knowing what time the game will be. Not the best way to grow a fanbase (as the NHL wants us to do)! cheers, Alan
  2. Not a very original one, but I also have a jersey superstition.... If we win, the jersey I am wearing goes right back on the hanger in the closet... no matter how much beer, nacho cheese, drool, etc is on it... no washing allowed. If we loose, the jersey goes right in the hamper and the loss is washed off it. The Gleason jersey is getting pretty ripe now.... 9 games in a row. My wife thinks I am nuts. I also wont go to a game without my red and black Vans on... they only get worn to the game, at the game and on the way home. Away games are a different story (when not attending in person). Wearing of any Canes gear while watching at home is bad mojo. Cheers! Alan
  3. I grew up on military bases and was taught to respect the anthem and the flag.. so much so that when the base flag was lowered at night and taps was played within earshot of us we would stop what we were doing until taps was over. It does bother me that players skate away before the anthem(s) are over, and I also don't like the shouting of "red". From what I have noticed here and at other arenas, the number of players leaving the line before the end of the anthem is directly proportional to how long the singer feels they need to carry out the notes of the song. Before anyone bashes me, I think our anthem singer has a great voice, but I think she sings the song too much like she is trying out for American Idol rather than singing it to honor our country. This happens at other arenas as well.... I personally think the song should be sung as written. Listen to a military band play the anthem sometime... it moves a pretty good clip. I think when sung, the anthem should move at the same clip. I HATE when anthem singers try to show that they can hold a note forever. Just my $0.02... your thoughts and beliefs may differ.... and that is OK. Cheers! Alan
  4. ... and the Devils just waxed the KittyKats 7-2... that helps too! Cheers! Alan
  5. Keep in mind, NC State has a game on Saturday afternoon, so the parking lot might not be open as early as it usually is. Cheers! Alan
  6. I flew the new (faulty) STH flag on opening night from Durham to RBC and back up tp 70 mph and it was fine. I was sure that it would be gone at the end of one of the trips, but it surprised me. I will probably fly that until it breaks, then add the opening night flag when I get there to tailgate. Alan
  7. Yeah, ours were delivered to a neighbor as well, 4 doors down. They were delivered yesterday, but she was out of town until this morning and brought them down. I am glad I have honest neighbors. Called FedEx to explain the difference between 702 and 710... by this time, you would think they would have that concept down. Alan
  8. I have always wondered why they don't use a local printer. There are a ton of print shops in this area that I am sure would love the business! Heck, they guy who sits next to us has been a STH since 99 and he owns a print shop. That is one way the organization could put some money into the local economy! just my .02 Alan
  9. Ahh... I see your Hockey Haiku-fu is powerful... I offer: High stick to the face Blood drawn, to the box for four Cheaters never win
  10. Last night the little water truck was making the rounds.... just the base coat ac
  11. Nope, not 15.... unless he is going to pay a hefty sum to Ruutu. Alan
  12. Well, I think I have been lurking here for about 8 months now, so I figured I would chime in. Some friends and I did the reverse of your road trip last year. We took Amtrak to Washington for one Canes game then on to Newark for the Canes/Devils game the next night (yeah, the one where you spanked us 7-1) :angry: Anyway, all the suggestions made above are valid. There really isn't a bad seat in the arena, it just depends on how close you want to be. I did notice that the upper levels at The Rock are quite a bit steeper than the upper levels at the RBC center. When traveling on Amtrak, keep in mind that south of Washington, CSX owns the tracks so all the freight trains have the right of way. Make sure you have plenty of time between arrival and game time. On our return trip from NJ, we were on time leaving Washington, but got to Raleigh 4.5 hours late. The suggestion on using the Cary stop is good too. (Thats where I come and go from on Amtrak) I live in Durham, so I have little experience with the nightlife in Raleigh, but what experience I do have echoes what has already been said. If you are going to be here for a few days, you might consider renting a car for while you are here. Cabs here aren't as plentiful as they are in Newark. Anyway, I hope you can see the Devils here, hockey road trips are always a blast. Everyone at the Rock was quite gracious to us when we visited, so I will extend the same... drop me a line if you do come, we will invite you over for tailgating. Cheers! Alan
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