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  1. Checkers finish the season strong with a 5-0 tonight in Peoria and clinch the 4th spot in the Western Conference and home ice advantage for the first round of the AHL Calder Cup playoffs. Of course in the bizzaro system that is the AHL, the first 2 games are on the road, with Games 3,4,5 at home and the first round is a 5 game series, so if they win games one and two on the road then they would only have to win game 3 at home to sweep the series. Not a really great "home ice advantage", at least not from the fan standpoint. Assuming if you could win both road games to start the series then you don't really NEED the home ice.
  2. Well they missed it on Friday with the loss to Texas, but Charlotte clinched a playoff spot last night between the combination of picking up one point in Chicago (SO Loss) and Milwaukee losing in Regulation to Rockford. So the Chex are in the Playoffs!! Based on the current standings the 4/5 matchup would be Charlotte vs South Division rival Houston Aeros with Charlotte having home ice. The Checkers have dominated Houston this year with a 5-2-1 record against them. We are only two points ahead of them in the standings though and they have won 2 games in a row, so Charlotte still needs to win a couple games to hold on to that 4th spot. The 6th place team (also, 2 points behind Houston) is the Rochester Amerks, whom we have not faced this season at all.
  3. Charlotte can clinch a playoff spot tonight with a win against Texas and losses by Millwuakee and Chicago, but the first key to that is a win against Texas. Checkers control their own destiny (unlike getting squeaked out last year) so win and you're in baby!
  4. Yeah that's true, but I think the goalies are being mismanaged which is leading to that. The last couple of games, whether coming in in relief or starting and getting yanked, Peters is only seeing 6-7 shots a game. He's never gonna get any better that way. Is it any wonder he let in 2 goals on 5 shots last night? I mean, let him play the full game, maybe he turns it around, maybe we still lose 6-2 but he gets to see 25-30 SOG instead of just 6. After both guys got shelled last night who in the world do you start tonight? Ellis technically took the loss, so do you go back to Peters? This is a mess.
  5. I'm starting to think a lot of this falls on the coaching staff. I don't think they have a CLUE what to do now that "Ride Cam for 82 games" is not an option. I mean seriously what the heck are they doing?!?!? Ellis looks a little shaky but OK in a 3-3 tie... they yank him, Peters lets in 2 more, we lose 5-3 and Peters takes the loss. Next game is 3-0 and they yank him again, Peters is OK in relief and we lose 4-1, then last night Peters lets in 2 and looks shaken, so they pull him but then Ellis lets in 4 more and Ellis takes the loss as we fall 6-2. It's no wonder NEITHER guy has any confidence. They've gotten pulled in EVERY GAME THEY'VE PLAYED for the last 2 weeks I mean this is ridiculous. The stats right now are meaningless since each guy is only playing a half a game so the GAA for each guy is through the roof. Peters last night got hung with a 14+ GAA and Ellis something like 6. In the 5-3 game ironically enough it just so happened (since the switch happened very close to midway through the second) that the combined GAA of the guys was 10. Ellis was at 6 for his 3 he let in and then Peters at 4 for the 2 he let in. But more than the goalies is the problem we cannot SCORE. 4-1 loss, 4-1 loss, 5-3 loss (best game in a long time!), 3-0 loss, 6-2 loss.... Even if Cam was in he'd be losing these games too and we'd be talking about how much he sucked. Not all of this is on the netminders. I'm not saying that Peters and Ellis are playing "great" because no, they are sucking it up, but any goalie in the league would be losing with this team in front of them. Even Broduer needs the team to score at least ONE.
  6. Wallace put a hurting on a couple of Milwuakee Admirals last night in Charlotte. I agree that we need some more hard hitting, but let's be real, this season is all but over. Maybe he can come to camp next year and work his way into the roster, but I think he's a UFA that would need to be re-signed. Wallace is on a one year two/way for 700K at the NHL level (same as Westgarth) and 105K at the AHL level.. he's been up and down so his actually pay is somewhere in between like 300K, but according to capgeek his cap hit is still 700K. For that price or maybe a small raise I don't see why we couldn't re-sign him with others leaving. Of course as a UFA he'd have to want to stay here since he can go whereever he wants.
  7. Honestly, I didn't get that far, at first I was comparing him with the rest of the league just straight up. Then when I was comparing him with the rest of the team I did notice he had played 10 less games than everyone else. I didn't realize he had been out that long (don't follow the Rags of course) but that was the "Oh hey.. he's played less games" but I didn't get into like points per game or anything like that. So sure, he's probably got a better average output than the other guys because he's got similar points, hits, +/- in less games. I agree with rememberthewhale though, why would they let him go? I think our chances of getting him at ANY price are slim and none.
  8. I'm with you... stats are great, but the way we've been playing our chances are zero. Now that we've slipped out of even being in a spot and are now down in 9th/10th it's pretty much over. Winnapeg is winning/has won today so they are moving up as well. Oh damn.. I just looked and we are in 13th? Winnapeg takes over the division lead and goes to 6 points over us with a win today.
  9. Other than the collecting Staal's angle, why is everyone so high on Marc Staal? He's a great defenseman but is he a "best in the league, sell the farm to get him" type guy? It's hard to compare defensemen, but I figure +/- is a better gauge than scoring points (for a true defensive defensemen which is what we need) and he's only a +4. He's 59th in the league in +/- for D. Right behind him in 60th also with a +4. Justin Faulk. Somehow through some sorcery McBain is a +6. I know that doesn't tell the whole story. He also only has 2 goals and 9 assists for 11 scoring points. Depending on how you gauge it is he even the best Dman for the Rangers? Del Zotto is a +7 with 15 points, Stralman +5 and Mcdonagh a +4 with 13 points. Granted, all three of those guys have played 10 more games than Staal with his injury. I'm not even sure if picking up a top 4 superstar Dman would even help the team at this point. There's going to need to be a major roster shift next year. If we hold pat we are doomed.
  10. ericncsu

    NFL Thread 2013

    When I first saw this, and it must have been the shorter "breaking" story rather than the more polished story in your link, even Yahoo lambasted it saying "Romo joins a long line of Cowboys players to get paid as if they had actually done something"... The cowboys have become the Yankees of the NFL. It's comical though that all that big money and a billion dollar stadium still can't win them a Super Bowl. Not sure what the Panthers are doing, but we are usually silent so I guess making small moves is better than none. We pick up a strong safety from the Raiders who only has 2 career INTs in 3 years. Pick up Ted Ginn from San Fran, who in essense is just a kick returner. Sign Dominic Hixon, who I remember being a pretty good player, but he hasn't done much lately and has been hampered by injuries... We shall see.
  11. They made some big splashes this year with Semin and JStaal and now some new ownership partners coming in, so maybe (just maybe) Ownership will no longer be a problem? (Please??) I agree with the OP though, no way in heck we are making the playoffs. Playoff probability 0.0%.
  12. Despite not winning games, which as bad as we've been playing I don't think you can hang 100% of the losses on the goalies, we've been known to hang guys in net out to dry and leave them to fend for themselves. I think the injuries to Ward and then briefly to Ellis have shown that we do have a pretty decent depth at netminder in the system. It's currently the 3 M ranch down in Charlotte (Muse, Murphy and Madore) with Muse returning from his call up and Murphy on a Pro Tryout and they will certainly have some tough decisions to make at goal. This is how, personally, I would shake things out for the 2013-2014 season. Ellis is a UFA next season, I'd like to see him re-sign since I like a veteran backup but who knows. Ellis has a 4-6-1 record with 3.01 GAA at the NHL level and an 8-7-2 record with 2.46 GAA starting the season at the AHL level. Not awesome, but "solid". Rob Madore has played lights out for the Checkers and he is the wild card that mixes things up. He has posted a 3-1 record (5 games played) with 1 shutout and 1.50GAA in this current cup of coffee with the Checkers. I dont know what kind of contract he is one (AHL/ECHL?) but he has probably earned himself some AHL playing time. Peters was the workhorse to start the season going 22-12-1 with 6 shutouts and a 2.29GAA at the AHL level (some of these games when he became the starter after Ellis moved up to the Canes at season start) He's put up a 3-6-0 record with one shut out and a 2.93 GAA with the Canes. John Muse is 6-6-0 with the Checkers and a 3.48 GAA after starting the season with the Everblades. Murphy of course is another wildcard. Currently with the team on a Pro tryout (but not stats, so has not yet played) he hasn't played in a long while since getting cut from his KHL team. If i read the article correctly when he came back, he is no longer under contract with the Canes, but the Canes retain his rights, so he's not a free agent. They don't have his 2011-2012 stats on Wikipedia and EliteProspects only lists games played (37) GAA 2.74 and SV% .908. I love Mike Murphy, he's a fan favorite, but he's sat out a year and burned his contract. I would let him go. If we have the rights to him that are tradeable (even if only for the rights to another player or a low draft pick like the 7th rounders we've been batting around. Murphy himself is a former 6th rounder). I would re-sign Ellis and go with the Ward/Ellis combo again for the big club and see how that can work with a veteran goalie backup for Ward. Leave Peters in Charlotte, as he seems to be improving with more playing time, but still needs some time to make the leap, and then start out with a Peters/Madore tandem in Charlotte (With Muse in Florida) and then you can call up Muse if you need to. I think Muse is good but he just hasn't played that much. 15 games with the Checkers last year, 13 this year. Maybe the Madore play is a roll of the Dice, but I think he's earned it. If Ellis doesn't resign, and Murphy doesn't sign, then it's a pretty cut and dry Ward/Peters tandem for the Canes and Muse/Madore tandem for the Checkers. Since both Muse and Madore started this year in the Everblades then that opens up a slot for a college/junior goalie prospect we might have in the system to make his pro start at the ECHL level.
  13. From the PNC Website. "Construction on the $158 million Arena began with a groundbreaking ceremony on July 22, 1997. PNC Arena doors opened for business in October 1999, representing the culmination of the collaborative efforts of a unique partnership known as the Centennial Authority. In part due to a grant from the State of North Carolina, the Centennial Authority owns PNC Arena building and the surrounding 80 acres, while the facility itself is operated by the Carolina Hurricanes/Gale Force Sports & Entertainment." From the Centennial Authority Website "The Centennial Authority was created by an act of the General Assembly in 1995 to study, design, plan, construct, own and operate a regional, multi-purpose facility, which was to become the PNC Arena and home to tenants North Carolina State Wolfpack men’s basketball and the Carolina Hurricanes hockey franchise. Twenty-one members serve as a volunteer board appointed by leaders from the State of North Carolina, Wake County, the City of Raleigh, and the Wake County Mayors. The Chancellor of North Carolina State University serves in accordance with the authorizing statute. Since the arena opened on October 29, 1999, the Authority, as owners, continue to provide facility oversight, finance monitoring, operations, upgrades, new additions and all activities associated with owner responsibility of ensuring this multi-million dollar, multi-purpose arena will remain a first-class facility for the people of the state and region that it serves. " No mention anywhere of "Gale Force" or Karmonos.
  14. Yes, this discussion came up when they bumped it from 8$ to 10$ a couple years ago. It's not the TEAM that charges parking. It's the ARENA and the people who own the LAND that those spaces sit on. The team is just a rent paying tenant just like when a concert comes to town the arena people get a cut of the door money for getting to use the space.
  15. How is pittsburgh paying all these people?? They've got Crosby and Malkin and now adding all these new people? Are they all rentals? Is this an "all in" move by Pittsburgh to win a cup? The way this shakes out, we essentially picked up Marc Andre Bergeron on waivers and then waived Jussi. We give up a 7th rounder to Tampa, but get one back from Pittsburgh, we dump Hall who we got on waivers in exchange for MAB, so essentially it's like he's the one we picked up on waivers. I wonder if being "mid-pack" led us to stand pat... not good enough to BUY and not bad enough to SELL, or maybe no one wanted to play ball with us. Like was said that we went after Murray, but couldn't pay enough, give up a high enough pick etc, whatever it took to land him but we were trying to make some deals, maybe just nothing came through.
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