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  1. Just wanted to put it out it out there what I read earlier today (because of the common denominator).... that BP and Mo are 2 of the 4 All-Star coaches this year. The other 2 are from Tampa and Washington, btw. In a way I think that's quite telling when taking into consideration our ongoing "troubles" (as the Brits would say). Having said that, and off the top of my head, I'm not up to speed on how the All-Star game coaches are selected, though. *edit* I looked it up and found out....the HC of each team with the highest points percentage in each division at the halfway point of the season.
  2. I think we also have a management situation that is in over its head as well.
  3. Call it a Ghost Dance....since ghosts are rarely, if ever, seen.
  4. Sweet 16 as of now....0948 hrs Trashcanistan Standard Time
  5. That last line sounds very familiar, doesn't it? I have always thought that Ward was ridden hard...mostly due to consistently anemic defenses over the years and a lack (no pun intended) of dependable backups.
  6. It's Yahoo, so they really don't know how to do anything except gush over that K family, the UK royals, and NBA "drama." Plus, Adam Lambert (who apparently got his journalism chops by writing for his middle school newsletter) is their NHL beat writer. I'm not surprised....🙄
  7. Given the teams' history with former players, I would not be surprised if he does just that...and then I'd love to see TD's and DW's face with that Price Is Right fail tone dubbed over it. I don't post very much as I'm in a place where I can't see games on any type of broadcast or stream (unless it's AFN...and they love whomever Doc Emery loves in any given week). It's not hard to get an idea of how a game is going when I follow the board on game day, though, and I thank you guys for that. I feel your collective pain from 9.5 time zones away...to the point that when I DO get to come home on rotation I think to myself, "Do I want to (probably) throw money away on going to a game in which I have no idea if they'll show up for 60 mins.....or to only see them lose?" I did that in '16 when I went to see them play in VAN (where they blew a 3-goal lead and lost), EDM, and CGY. I'm definitely not a fairweather fan nor a post '06 bandwagon jumper (as I've been a fan since G'boro), but I do recognize futile mediocrity in a sports team when I see it, and even from this dusty mountainous bowl in Central Asia it's not hard to see. It is so frustrating, almost to the point of wanting to migrate my fan loyalty elsewhere. Still though, I'm a NC native (yes, there are some of us still in NC), and hope is hope. You guys have better insights on this and I do enjoy reading them.
  8. He may have been talking about 2016. I was at the Vancouver game (in Vancouver) where the 'Canes blew a 3-goal lead and lost in OT (and I think they blew a good lead in the game before that). It was rough....and embarrassing....even though the team got its revenge 2 months later.
  9. Not a big fan of rap or hip-hop. I just don't think the game of hockey is suited for it. I think it's more of a hard rock-type game. That being said, along with the theme of hurricanes, storms, etc. that AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" is THE obvious no-brainer for a goal song....."You've been....THUNDERSTRUCK!" followed by Angus & Malcolm's hard guitar riffs. Additionally, I also think Metallica's "So What?" (cleaned up a bit) is perfect for if/when an opposing team scores.
  10. I could not agree with you more, except to deepen the red on the hem flags. This reminds me of the former Canucks sweaters, one of which I owned when I lived in Washington. Also, I like the black as alternates (and dislike our current uniforms, which look like red Leafs (home) and wannabe Canadiens (away)).
  11. You are correct, sir.... yes I did remember that but I used the SCF #7 for more dramatic purposes...
  12. I can.... Monday, June 19, 2006
  13. I beg to differ, sir! I would've posted images from Chris Creamer's SportsLogos.net to illustrate (it shows uniforms as well) but am not up to speed on how to do it here. Personally I prefer the sweaters from the SC Championship season (no shoulder piping), especially the home reds. Now, THAT was an tough-looking and awesome sweater!
  14. It's been 2 seasons now, and I still cringe at those "new" uniforms. One is a red Maple Leafs sweater, and the other looks like a middle school football jersey... How's that for randomness?
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