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  1. Ding Ding Ding We have a winner!! That's just funny.
  2. They also play: For the Love of the Game by Pillar Rebirthing by Skillet (not so much this season) Bleed It Out by Linkin Park
  3. Someone, please remind me of Zetterberg's draft number..... oh yeah, he's a 7th round pick *sarcasm warning* I'm not going to list any other "worthless" late round draft picks. Anyone curious can take a look at the Red Wings lineup to determine those truly awful late round picks. I mean geez. Those Wings are just a disgrace to hockey with their late rounders playing top minutes, and not to mention the players that weren't drafted. (and by the way, Red Wings is akin to cursing at me, but they were the first example to come to mind when I read the above post) I am excited to have Cole back. Am I sure that this trade is for the best? That remains to be seen. Regardless, I love the Canes and support the team. Here's hoping we see the play-offs. As far as the draft pick..... we may have just struck gold, but we won't know until it happens.
  4. Being a manager of the local Wal-Mart does not constitute knowing leadership qualities in professional athletes. When you have coached a professional sport (NHL, NFL, NBA, etc.) then you can talk about "knowing" when you see a leader. I am a teacher. Everyday I have to choose students to lead. Believe me, you know who the leaders in the class are, but I would never assume to know so much about leadership on a hockey team. I coach soccer as well, which is very similar to hockey in many ways. I knew who my team leaders were before the tryouts were done, but I would still never presume to say that Staal or anyone else on the team is a leader or not. We DO NOT know what goes on behind closed doors. I listen instead to what other players and coaches (on our team and not on our team) have to say about Staal. Did you miss what happened after Roddy went down last season? I have faith that Staal will be a great captain for us when Rod passes down the torch.
  5. Have you ever torn your ACL? From personal experience, it's ridiculously hard to walk (much less skate) when there is nothing there to hold the knee correctly in place. The knee can randomly lock &/or give out. Even after the surgery the knee can and will do that when you are just walking. A torn ACL isn't about how tough a person is because it doesn't really hurt, it's about how well the body responds to the injury. To keep playing on an injury of that nature can lead to much more serious problems (as if a 4-6 month recovery isn't serious enough).
  6. *Sarcasm Alert* Gosh.... After the game yesterday, I half expected everyone to be on the boards blaming the score on everyone but Leighton since most of posts seem to want to lay all blame on Cam when he is in net and allow Leighton to get by unscathed. Sorry, but based on what has been said in the message boards, we still need to find a #1 goalie. Neither guy seems to fit the bill for the Caniac nation. Take these last two games as a lesson - no one is perfect. Ward and Leighton are going to mess up at some point. I just wish they didn't have to choose two home games in a row to stink it up between the pipes. Personally, I like both goalies and think they are a good tandem for us. I am going to look past these last two games (well, try to anyway) and expect better play from the team as a whole. Neither goalie is to blame for all five goals each allowed, but they can be blamed for a couple. Each goalie also made some spectacular saves, but there is definite room for improvement. I guess we all have to wait and see what happens Friday in Atlanta.
  7. Someone please close this thread..... I try not to read these stupid threads, but it's like an illness or something. Neither goalie is going anywhere. Cam was great last night, and from a poll on NHL.com more than 60% of hockey fans that read the website think that Cam's play last night was the best goaltending performance for all 30 teams last night. Leighton is motivation for Cam and a solid backup (Hallelujah!!!). This is way too early to bring this up. We aren't near the trade deadline and have no idea what we are going to need come February. Besides, neither goalie is worth just a 4th liner (we would totally be getting the shaft on that deal). I encourage everyone to go vote before the poll has ended, but can someone please close this thread?
  8. Just delete the thread, and we can pretend like these injuries don't exist. Hey, maybe if we all think positive thoughts, at the same time the injuries would go away.
  9. I toured the locker room too. I suppose you missed the sign that said "Training Room." Those "massage" tables are for training and therapy. Part of training has to do with rubbing down the muscles, especially the ones that are tight, and sometimes those tables will come into play when the player is rehabing an injury (for instance all these lovely groin injuries plaguing the team). From what I know (my experience is not with a professional sports team, so I could be wrong), athletes would have to request the rub-downs. There are a lot of guys and one trainer. These guys could think they don't need the therapy. Someone else mentioned that they are probably pretty used to bumps and bruises, which means they may not always recognize a potentially bad injury creeping in or are too hard-headed to listen to their bodies. Don't get me wrong, these injuries truly stink and I doubt I will survive the stress of another injury prone season. I agree that something is amiss in training, and I do find it interesting that it is mostly our NHLers on the injured list. However, many on the list are not in their early 20s like the River Rats are. Gleas hit the boards funny. I was there, and saw him go down. He got up pretty slowly. Can't avoid things like that in this sport. Babs I have no clue and Ruutu, I have no clue. The others are 30+ or pretty darn close to 30. I say, keep your fingers crossed, and do the only thing we can do as fans: Wait, Watch, and Cheer on OUR team, whether its the vets of Rats out there on opening night.
  10. So, I went to the Summer Tailgate for group leaders last night. Associate Head Coach "Kato" McCarthy was there talking with John Forslund and answer questions from the fans gathered. He talked a lot about Melichar. The focus was on D for quite a while, and McCarthy couldn't say enough about Melichar. He didn't even mention Seids and Babs, and the funny thing is.... both of those players were there earlier in the evening. McCarthy did mention that Kabby is healthy and feeling great. He expects him to make the top 6. He also said that Nicky Wallin is looking great and will likely do a great job as our #4 because he compliments Corvo so well (you know the opposite effect, I guess). Apparently Casey Borer is looking great and has a chance to make the roster coming out of camp. It should be interesting what we will actually see leading up to opening night. I have to concur with Cane Addict.... Patrick Eaves was probably the most polite person I have ever met. He seemed genuinely interested in every person that approached him. All the players that were there were very nice.
  11. Will he be a UFA or RFA in the next offseason?
  12. The point is that it is the Carolina Hurricanes, not just the Hurricanes. Given the part of the state that the team resides in (always the plan, remember that Greensboro was temporary) the "fat pig" fits. NC, especially as you move east, is known for the hog farms. Sorry guys, but Stormy should stay. Didn't you learn your North Carolina history???
  13. I did tear my acl and mcl two months ago and never got the phone call from Roddy.... I'm thinking I am in the wrong profession for that.
  14. Planning on making it to the season closer in Jersey with two of my fellow season ticket holders. We should try and get together and maybe grab a beer before the game, since they don't allow tailgating at the Prudential Center. We are also contemplating the March 28th game (It's my birthday, and what better way to spend your birthday than watching the Canes??)
  15. I'd be cool with that. I loved watching Adams (either Adams actually) play.
  16. Yes, but only at the home games. Staal wore the A for both home and away, where normally he only wore one away. I couldn't tell you who wore the 'A' when Whitney was out. (*I think.... My memory may not be serving me very well tonight.)
  17. Maybe I'm just crazy, but did we not have 4 alternate captains? Two home and two away. Staal, Whitney, Wesley, and Stillman (which Hedi took over when Stiller was traded I believe) Staal only started wearing the 'A' at both home and away when Roddy went out I'm thinking our Alternates will be Staal, Whitney, Gleason, and Walker. Walker did wear the 'A' when Hedican went to MN.
  18. LOL... A friend of mine grew up there. It can't be that bad. What about Remember the Titans?? I'm not sure about the friend from Myrtle, but the friend I go with has an extra bed, a futon and will soon have a sleeper sofa that are open.
  19. If you don't mind staying about an hour and thirtyish minutes from Raleigh, I know a place you could probably crash for free and then carpool to the games.
  20. I come from near High Point. There are 4 of us that have season tickets together, but one of our party is not as ambitious to make it to th 30 games the other three of us go to. We could meet in North High Point right off of 40 if he's coming from W-S. Just a thought....
  21. Oh yeah... the most important part, THE PLAYERS!!!!
  22. I'm right there with you. To heck with gas prices. I am in desparate need of a hockey fix, and what better way than some tailgating and a great game to boot.
  23. YEAH!!! Bring them back to Greensboro!!! Go Triad! *sarcasm warning*
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