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  1. Some very good points but I would say that keeping him on the team for his experience in teaching the new guys on how it is done. Loyalty to player like Hainesy should be a way to keep and resign him. If the Pens want Hainsey its for a reason, They know he is a valuable player and we need valuable players! Hainsey should have had an (A) on his jersey. The team should have had him push the new guys in a direction of how to be a pro day in and day out. Hainsey was clutch, he did not just disappear when you needed him the most. The long term effect of having him mentor players like Faulk, Slavie and Pesce can not be replace by a second round pick! Again we have but so little Talent and we do not have the luxury of buying FA's so we need to do are best to keep what PRO's like Hainsey for as long as we can even if he is 35.
  2. The point of players form the past was the trend and Hainsey is part of the trend. I am so sorry you missed that. We have but so little talent on this team that would make other teams rosters. Trading away the talent we do have for a second round pick who my never make a another NHL roster is not a good move. We do not have big market money so replacing talent can not be bought like other teams. We need to keep the talent we do have and stop the trend.
  3. We won the cup in 2006 and then let everyone who helped us win go. Its been 11 years of poor talent evaluation since.
  4. Yep I would have kept one of the best player on our team. That second round pick has not helped us make any playoff run at all but I bet the 35 year old FA would have!
  5. I should have not made the Ice Caps comment, its not the point I was trying to make. We have only a few players on this team who would make the roster on all the the NHL teams and Hainsey was one of those players. We let player like Dennis Seidenberg who go on to be great everywhere they play and we keep players like Murphy who would not make another NHL rosrter. My point is dump Murphy - Not Hainsey. We should keep player who can play and weed-out ones who cant. Talent valuation is suffering under our GM's.
  6. Sorry for the typo ( Justin Williams ) not Jason.
  7. Mr. Francis you have proved yourself not to be the answer we needed after all the big mistakes our last GM made. The Hainsey trade is another poor move by a franchise who has no clue on who is talent or HOW TO KEEP talent on the roster. So please just go ahead and trade away the rest of our talent ( Skinner, Faulk ) for second round draft pick. For the $ I would rather watch the Raleigh Ice Caps then a NHL team who has in the past let player like Ray Whitney, Justin Williams, go.
  8. Scott Walker Will Be The Canes Next Head Coach!
  9. Forgot to add that you do not need to trade or cut anyone else. After the Staal's are gone the rest of the team will follow the lead of Sutter and Adams and this team will have consistent success.
  10. Attenchion: Jim Rutherford Please Trade ( No Hustle ) Eric Staal and his over paid Brother to Pittsburg for two guys who do hustle Brandon Sutter, Craig Adams. The Captain has no heart. He would rather reach his arm out and get a penatly than huslte his body into position to make a play. Eric Staal is no Rod Brind'amour and this team needs some people who play with heart.
  11. Is Sutters 170lbs really ready, more so than little Keith 5ft 4in Frame? Kieth was scrappy and pested the *edit* out of other teams like a nat you cant swat. I would have put Sutter on the River Rats for the first 1/2 of season and brought him up when we needed a injury replacement. If Sutter is the answer to getting bigger and stronger someone needs to get him in contact with Barry Bonds fast. Maybe they just wanted a player who could see over the boards when sitting on the bench, if so that one thing Sutter has over Kieth.
  12. This is probably the best posted reason. :-(
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