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  1. its times like these i wish i had NHL Network
  2. IceFrog i love how you manage to like change everyones mind with this one post. lol
  3. Id love it if it were to happen. Maybe thats why JR is taking a long time to get something done with Babchuk; he's trying to get something really special for him.
  4. After readin alot of people's supposed line ups for the team, I've noticed that I havent seen Conboys name in any of them. Isnt he on a 1 way contract next season? Or were most people counting on him as being the 7th defensemen?
  5. Hey everyone, this is Frank Kaberle. Thanks for all the fairwell wishes!
  6. Which would people prefer JR to sign, a first line winger for Staal or a top 4 physical shut down defensemen? I for one am leaning more towards picking up a top 4 defensemen.
  7. Why are people questioning our draft pick when we have players like Boychuk, Bowman, Sutter, and McBain working their way up to the NHL? This isnt JR's first draft, the man knows what he's doing. For once, lets try not to act like we somehow know more than our teams General Manager, unless one of you talked with all these kids, watched highlights of each of them, and talked with a team of scouts on each prospect. If you noticed no one else chose Ferraro either.
  8. I know we are a budget team and are still growing in regards to fan base and STHs so we cant afford to spend alot of money on the big name players...but doesnt there come a point when you take the risk of losing money when if it works out, you could make a lot more?
  9. Are we the last team in the NHL to be getting one of these babies?
  10. Thats exactly what I was thinking. I think Jokinen is better than 4rth line material and that he should be slotted on the 3rd line but then someone on the 3rd line would have to be sent to the 4rth. Its a little bit of a predicament but one that I dont mind. It shows our depth
  11. 3-2 now and Bostons about to go on the PP. cmon boston!
  12. haha I've actually never seen that show. i just remember hearing that name on some other show....Family Guy actually haha
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