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  1. Well it's been a frustrating year in Atlanta for sure. At the end of last season I was ready to move somewhere where they had a team who wants to compete. Ownership is truley a joke; there's no way of hiding that or even suger coating it. And I can't tell if Wadell is really that incompatent, or if his hands are tied from the ownership. It doesn't matter really. The end result is a team that doesn't compete, in where F.A. don't want to be here, or even some of our own players. On the upside... We have Kovy who is calling out the managment and ownership, voicing his displeasure that we are no closer to winning the cup than when he signed. I believe this is the catalist that can turn this team around. After Kari's groin injury, he changed his training habits, and diet. He's taking his training more serious. In fact I've seen him at the rink working out several times. We've gotten rid of some serious dead weight in Zhitnik, holik, and Mcarthy. Hopefully Larson too. We have several possibilities from our prospects that should be coming up, with Little, Lavalee, and Valahbik. We've made a couple of needed signings with Hainsey, and Williams, and after watching the prospect training camp, there is no way Bogosian won't make the team (he's a beast). And with the money no longer an issue for Ilya Nikulan, there's a likely chance he could be here next year, if he can get his contract approved. And of course the most important change from last year is that we have a coach this year. I wasn't completly sold on John Anderson at first, but after seeing him at the camp and in interviews, as well as his record, I can't help but be a little hopeful. Will we be cup contenders? No, but I think if Anderson can do what I've heard we'll be a lot better than last year. How can we not be better?
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