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  1. I'm going to join the wait and see crowd on this JR move. I'll wait and see how long it takes us to buy out Kabs 2.0.
  2. Cheapseats, thanks. I am very optimistic about this year. I think our guys are going to surprise a lot of people. It just occurred to me the title of the thread is kinda catchy. Wonder if the guys over in promotions would like to use it for a season to thank the fans.
  3. CI online is not part of the package anymore? Ok I know I've been Germany for the last 3 years, but that was one on the strengths of having the service. The option to watch online if you wanted to. In Germany I used espn360.com and they were pretty good. Games were usually up in the archive by the next day which was nice since all the games came on at 1 or 3 am CET. The first 2 years as I figured out a way to actually save the streams to my PC (gotta love the flexibility of Linux). But the last year when they updated to the neulion player and the quality was vastly better, but I had to run windows in a virtual machine to get it to work. Not the best solution so I set up a dual boot box again. So if you are in Europe and have a good internet connection, ESPN360 is the way to go. I will also be getting CI this year from Directv as the USAF has sent me to a New Mexico. A state without any professional sports or college teams worth worrying about.
  4. Well I did a google search and it seems that a lot of the guys on the ranger boards prefer the Center Ice option to the game center. Of course the wife will be a little up set when I prioritize Canes games #1 in the DVR. She can watch the Kardashians when they rerun them in the summer. Thanks for the input guys. BTW did anyone get the whole season and remember what it cost? Did they also cover the playoff rounds (yeah I'm hoping for the best here) and was there an extra charge for that?
  5. Forget getting Cullen back. I like him as much as anyone and did not want to see him traded at all, but we probably will not bring him back. as far as that winger goes, I have a feeling we will be looking at one of the Rats and not the value guy you are hoping for. Yes the team really needs that elite guy, but it's not going to happen this year. BTW have we given up on getting J Williams back? He did look solid in LA last season.
  6. Well I might get the chance to see the Finland vs Russia game on tuesday. Just have to see how things go at work on monday. Plenty of tickets still available as of now.
  7. I think Chicago has a good shot at it this year.
  8. My bad, its Ryan. sorry about that. It's close to my bed time here in Germany and I didn't read that right. Guess I should have had a coke and not a beer. LOL
  9. Well without europe.espn360.com (center ice for Germany) I wouldn't get to see any of the games. My only complaint is that I haven't heard john and tripp all season at home games. It's always the other teams announcers. Nothing like hearing criticism of how your team should have been called for a penalty when they scored. Man that gets old.
  10. I believe they can do it. But I've also wondered if the Hanson brothers are available. Who cares about winning let just cause some havoc in the league.
  11. Great discussion and view points from all. Something I think our team is missing is fun, it is a game after all. The guys just need to relax and I believe that we will start to see things take off. A lot of pressure to perform from the word go is making our guys over think the game and if they stopped their instincts for the game will take over they will be in the right place at the right time to do the right thing.
  12. Belgium? And here I thought I had this corner of Europe covered for the Caniac nation. I'm in Germany right on the border on the Netherlands and Belgium. Would be nice to be at a game this year, but I don't think I will be able to make it back for anything but a SCF game.
  13. I've got a jar full of change (euros and american) that I'd donate to the cause. One thought, does something like this impact the cap? LOL
  14. I'd like to at least have the option of making that decision. Being stationed overseas I'll have to wait until the regular season starts and only get to watch the game 24 hours after they have played. Try avoiding the Canes web site the radio (we have canadian forces radio here and hockey scores ran every 15 mins it seems) and all the Canuks who know every minutia about every game played in the last 72 hours. So remember you at least have the option to watch, Pre-season wasn't carried online by espn360 last year so as far as I know they wont be this year.
  15. YKYACW.... You set up a wish list at the online store for all of the Canes gear you dream of and send an email to friends and family with the code suggesting they just use this list for xmas and birthdays until it is empty. (like I will let it run out of items)
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