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  1. Maybe we're defining 'grinding style of hockey' differently because other than semantics I can't see any way how anybody can prepare themselves for it. Maybe we didn't practice enough driving each other into the boards? As far as other than pure talent, why did they seem so much better than us? Were they really THAT much better than us and isn't pure talent and determination often enought to win? They swept us, sure, but I also recall the Canes playing just as good if not better than the Pens in three of the four games. That is, until their speed and talent put us on our heels, or they just plain shut our offense down giving us very few decent scoring chances. I also think that we weren't nearly as physical against the Pens as we were against the Bruins and Devils and often got caught up in trying to play a run and gun game that suited the Pens better than us. But that's just me. And making it to the SCF the year before doesn't really promise anything. See the Canes in 02 and 07 for example.
  2. And just how are teams prepared for the grinding style the playoffs require? Your suggestion sounds like the worst excuse out there.
  3. After what he pulled with the Whalers I figured that two faced **** would never see a front office. I hope he doesn't get the job.
  4. Somehow I find that claim highly doubtful to absurd. If the Canes were a consistent top tier team under his leadership I could agree that he has a lot of pull but the way things have been going for him or the team, no way. And it's not a secret that the Canes have actually performed better when he wasn't in the lineup.
  5. We can win them all. If not, I'm guessing (H) Florida - OT (H) Blue Jackets W (A) Buffalo L (H) Bos L (A) Islanders W (H) Tampa W (H) Avs W (A) Ott OT (H) Buff W (A) Atl W
  6. No kidding. Can we all get our own armchair GM thread TSA?
  7. I was just wondering for the sake of discussion. I remember around this time last year Eric had long slumps too. To me it looked like Lavi might have demanded a more physical game from him with finishing checks etc., because that's all he would do for a lot of games and it threw off his game in a big way. Reason I'm saying that is because it seemed more of a tactical demand by a coach than how Eric himself would prefer to play. His style of game didn't revert back to what it was until after injuries started to pile up.
  8. Does anyone else think there might have been some rift between Eric and Lavi the last two years? Kinda like Lavi insisting that Staal play more into his system and he couldn't or wouldn't do it? Too bad that it had to take another coach to build the game around Staal and all of a sudden he is clicking again like nothing ever happend. We sure missed his production and it's good to see him back though.
  9. Probably has as much merit as the Avery for Samsonov rumor
  10. Pens only have 754K cap space according to CapCentral. Swopping Avery for Gill would put them 1M over the cap and would make his signing a lot more expensive than that.
  11. Something tells me he doesn't learn all that quick. Personally, I'd like to see him sign with a NW Division team so he can see all his "friends" more often.
  12. Switching the subject from Maurice's career coaching record to his winning percentage is close, but still no cigar. Allow me one last time to try to explain to you the errors of your claims when you intentionally skew the numbers of a coaching record to suit your own needs. First of all, when you refer to a coaching record you should be familiar with what each number in the stat columns represents, so I'll try again: A - The 1st number (344) represents games won. Hint: This number does not change because it includes both regulation and OT wins. That comes out to 688 points earned. B - The 2nd number (357) represents games lost in regulation. Hint: In regulation! It does not and never has included pre-season, play-off or OT losses. Therefore, the number in this column never changes when you refer to a record and will never be anything but 357 - and damn sure not 396. C - The 3rd number (137) represents total number of games tied. Hint: win or lose, he tied 137 games and earned 137 points, not 99 like your record misleads one to believe. This number only changes if a 4th number is used. See D below. D - The 4th number (38), if used, refers to OT losses and it applies to nothing but OT losses. Hint: this number is not, and never has been added to the total number of games played, coached or lost in regulation, so I am not sure why you all of a sudden suggest that I claimed he coached 876 games. I mean, even I knew that. You are correct in one thing though, if used, this number is subtracted from the OT record. Really? Check your own post on page one. (hint: I bolded what you claim you never said.) If you are still confused you may want to try this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Maurice''>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Maurice' target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Maurice[/post]
  13. My guess is Babchuk eventhough he hasn't played that terrible lately. All of the other new players or AHL guys have a lot of upside that every player can benefit from, only Babchuk showed his true colors when he was counted on to support the team while they tried to make the play-offs. Just because JR brought him back doesn't mean that the guys have forgotten the ordeal.
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