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  1. I think you are right. BTW what is your opinion on this whole thing with Jeff? It would seem if he is going to get a 2 way and start inm Albany you would be seeing more of him than any of us!
  2. I THINK it goes like this................... So let's say we pickup O and he starts the year in the NHl instead of the AHL. 10 games in, he is 0-0-0 and a -12. JR decides it is time for him to ply his trade in Albany instead. He has to clear waivers prior to his being sent down. Meaning 29 other teams get a crack at picking up the remainder of his salary. If I am not mistaken the order in which priority is given to those 29 teams is based on the percentage of total possible points for each team. So it is the 10th game for a team and they have won 2 games and it is the eighth game for another and they have also only won two games, the team with ten games gets the first crack. The same waiver process applies when we recall him from the A as well. Where I get fuzzy is, I believe on the recall if a team picks him up they are only on the hook for half of his remaining salary, not all of it. Any subsequent demotion or promotion is a mystery to me!
  3. bottom line is that JR would want O on a two contract because the dollars would be significantly less ifor the time he spent in the A. Sometimes we are talking 1/10 th the salary. He would probably get signed on for 800k in the bigs and 80 in the minors. Anything more would be absurd, considering as how he spent last year playing Beer League.
  4. I am not totally opposed to O coming back on a 2 way deal. I just like to play the devils advocate on these kind of things!
  5. Someone mentioned us getting overlooked, to that I say GOOD. We do better when we sneak up on the rest of the field. Let the rest of the league be concerned with the Caps and Bolts. I think Teddy will show he aint got the goods to be a starter in DC and they wont have Kolzig to backstop. And as splashy as Tampa has been they are not likely going to come flying out of the gates this year, it is going to take a while for everyone to just learn their line mates names, let alone develop chemistry!!!!
  6. I like that argument. It is really asthetic. I think most canes fans groan at it, becuas eit ends up being another argument to have with other fans that think we have no right to exist.
  7. the true meaning of the single flag is gale force winds, regardless of the storm generating them.
  8. did not say if it was a one or two way deal. Interesting to see how this effects O's chances. All other wild speculations aside, I worry about his attitude and work ethic, which is not the stuff of supposition! Any of us who watched the canes, pre lockout, or the leafs that first year out of the lock out, know what I am talking about. He is a great asset when hot, and a brooding 4 year old when he is off. And when you consider how streaky he can be, you know that 4 year old is gonna come out. EDIT: Sorry Satchel, forgot to say thanks for sharing the info!
  9. I think the tsate size thing plays into it heavily, like sundhein said. I mean seriously If you lived in charlotte and you could go to a race for free or to the bobcats you would. Aslo availability of the other typ eof ticket has to play into it as well. I mean Canes tickets are not that hard to come by in comparison to tickets to a game at the dean dome. The only thing discouraging about this poll, is how this will be used against our market as an argument about how we don't deserve a franchise.
  10. Duly noted! BTW I really do hate to see the franchise going this badly. Like the thrashers conversation in another thread, they are a representative of southern hockey, and we'll all be tarred with the same brush. On the other side, I am not to upset to see certain fans and members of their organization go through a case of rolaids or two over this either!
  11. By my calculations that means that on each of those games, should their attendance not change, they should make an extra 125 dollars. "Joke" Martin should have been ran out of that town on a rail LONG AGO.
  12. Smart move. If Miller was left to walk, I think y'all woulda rioted in the streets!
  13. Did Jeff Daniles wear 3 before or after Chiasson died? I wonder if, though not retired, if they out of respect would ask that no one wear 3 any more?
  14. dude you can tell some work went into that, the music synced up really well with the on screen events. Plus It got me pumped.
  15. Hey glad you never had a typo posting on a forum there buddy. Seriously, I have even heard Forslund poke fun at Kaiton pronounciations, it's not like I said the guy eats kittens.
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