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  1. I do not specifically remember Kostopoulos playing but I like the Ruutu'ish comments about his game, albeit without the scoring touch. I think he will certainly add some physical play and toughness that we need. As far as who gets left out, I can't help but think something really strange is brewing. How much does Leighton hit on the cap? Is he now expendable with the signing of Peters? We all know Ward's back-up sees very little ice time. I just don't think this is going to play out like everyone is predicting.
  2. The way I see it, if it was only about stats, the draft currently underway would have been set in stone before it even started. We all know that JR's secret formula is something like this: potential+past performance+connections to Canes organization/coaches+COST add to that some of Coke's secret recipe and some herbs and spices from KFC. Bottom line is this, we all have favorite players be it Cole, LaRose or Eaves and we want our favorites to stay. If they ask for too much money they won't be playing for the home team at the RBC Center. None of us has a clue what JR is thinking or planning to do. Let's all relax, take a deep breath and see what magic JR pulls off. Somebody flag this thread and lets return to it in about 10 years. The LaRose/Eaves controversy should be settled by then. Looks like we will see Pronger a bit more this year.
  3. I'm liking the Jimmy Buffett idea and I know we don't play in the shark tank but wouldn't it be cool to pass inflatable sharks around the arena instead of doing the wave. I can envision about fifty sharks just schooling around the ice. I think it would pretty cool and probably intimidate the Bruins.
  4. If you notice the bench during games, the defenders sit closest to the goal they are defending. Watch were the coaches stand. It changes each period. A few steps may make the difference. Not all teams do it and the Canes did not do it until Coach Mo arrived. At least I do not recall them doing it until he arrived. A subtle change that may have helped change the course of the season. One of many small changes paying dividends now.
  5. I must agree with Irish Guy. I was a part of the '99 Special Olympics World Games and it went of perfectly. We have a whole lot more now then we did back then. To me, the beauty of this area is that we are not Montreal, New York City or Los Angeles. We are Raleigh, plain and simple. I like to visit different areas of the country because its different, not because it is the same. I am glad that Smithfields Barbecue doesn't have a franchise in Dallas. We tailgate at hockey games.....because we can! I can remember both Cup runs when fans from the Great White North were simply amazed that they could drink a beer in the parking lot. How many of us remember all the positive comments about our hospitality from the fans of our opponents. Yes, we are new to hockey and chances are we will never catch up to Toronto and Edmonton but saying the ASG doesn't belong here or won't work here is like saying NASCAR will never have a track in New Hampshire. It ain't Charlotte but the fans there enjoy the racing. Our building can only hold 20K, that's it. Raleigh and the Triangle is ready. I know we will put on a good show. I am sure that some of the retired all-stars would enjoy the warmer weather and could probably be convinced to play in a charity fundraiser at one of the many golf courses in the area. Personally, I hope we get 2012.
  6. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I understand the desire of a player to make as much money as he can before his playing days are over. On the other hand, if you sign a contract, you are obligated to the terms of that contract. I wonder if the NHL could require any NHL team signing a player that has broken a contract with an NHL team to repay the original team any money paid to that player. So if LaCouture goes to Russia and then returns to the NHL his new team would be required to pay the Hurricanes any salary paid to him under the broken contract. This would deter players from choosing this option if they ever want to play in the NHL and keep teams from welcoming back contract jumpers. Also, can the teams not sue for breach of contract?
  7. If I am not mistaken, all of our goals last night were from relatively close range i.e. we had traffic in front of the goalie. It is clear that constantly circling at the "three point line" is not very effective for this team. I hope that Staal will continue to loiter in front of the goalie. It's time for more than just Walker and Ruutu to grind it out down low. Looking forward to Sunday.
  8. It is obvious that many of our stars are not hitting on all cylinders yet. Injuries, age or new line mates, whatever the cause. I am happy with our record and where we are. The guys are still finding ways to win. Ugly wins count and were a trademark of the cup run years. Benching Roddy is not a good idea. He is far more important to this team than any of us on the outside will ever know. Personally, I am hoping that the storm will be unleashed when everything clicks and we are healthy. It sure will be fun trying to decide the stars of the game when four lines are scoring. Maybe I am an eternal optimist but it sure beats following the stock market.
  9. I saw former Cane Aaron Ward at Walnut Creek on Saturday night. Glad he continues to make our area home over the summer.
  10. I-40 is not the only entrance to the RBC Center. I-40 from the west continues east. You could continue to Hwy. 54 or US1 and come in from that way. If you choose the Wade Ave. extension you can continue to Blue Ridge Rd. and enter on Westchase Blvd. or continue down to Trinity Rd. and enter by the football stadium. There are many ways to arrive and I admit you may have to drive a bit further but it will save you time sitting in traffic. Unfortunately, Edwards Mill Rd. can't be closed for events at the RBC. Just wait and see what happens when Edwards Mill continues past the Wendy's. Many of you are not remembering the fact that Edwards Mill Rd. used to dead end at Wade avenue. The only traffic in the old days was specifically for the RBC Center. Now more people use the road on a day to day basis and that is not going to stop. I travel to work in Raleigh every day via I-40, I plan my trip accordingly and that is the point to my post. Due to traffic and the new US70 bypass that just opened, I have to leave a few mintutes earlier. As for the reversable lanes, they are used on every hockey and basketball game so that is not the problem. Everybody has a stake in this and there is no one person responsible. My point is this, if you can carpool with fellow caniacs, leave a bit earlier and explore the area for a different route, your experience will probably be much more enjoyable. The Canes could hire some more cashiers and that would help also. I am not trying to an antagonist, I tend to be more of a realist. One final thought, the RBC Center in downtown Raleigh, an absolute traffic nightmare. Go canes, see you at the game!
  11. It is amazing to read all the comments regarding parking and how quick people are to blame others for the problems. I have attended most of the games over the past 8 or 9 years and I have been to every playoff game during both Cup runs. Before you start complaining you need to make sure you understand the issues. Just like the price of gas, you can sit around and blame Exxon and feel sorry for yourself or you can adjust your driving habits and try to make the best out of a tough situation. Here are some things many of you will not want to see: 1)Edwards Mill Rd. is not the only entrance into the RBC Center. Try another entrance. 2)There are only about 5000 paved parking spaces around the building. Do the math, 17,000 fans in attendance means someone is going to have to park by the football stadium. 3)If you have a parking pass, punch out the hole and hang it from the rearview mirror with the parking code facing OUT. By the way, make sure you have the right game, it is posted on the front of the pass. 4)If traffic is backed-up at the entrance to the property, it has nothing to do with RPD. All they can do is move traffic to the entrance, they control nothing on the property. 5)The volume of pedestrians effects traffic flow on egress. Moving traffic must stop to allow them to cross the roads. 6)Like some of you, I know many of the parking attendants by face, but not name. Many have diligently worked the same positions for years and take pride in what they do. Contrary to what you may believe, there is no meeting to conspire to have slow ingress. They are just as anxious as you to get traffic in. 7)There have been some posts about carpooling to save gas but how about carpooling to reduce traffic. Look around the next time we play. Look at how many people are one or two to a car. At four to a car, 20,000 fans could all park around the building. I could post more but I think I am out of space. Quit complaining, carpool, leave a bit early and focus on the hockey.
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