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  1. It will defiantly be Cullen with Whitney and Cole on the wings.
  2. Us fans have gone through very rough times here. Back in 2002-2003 the 'Canes had the worst season in franchise history and finished dead last in the NHL. That summer Eric Staal came along in the draft and less than three years later a little thing called the Stanley Cup was lifted at center ice. We'll have no problem getting over this slump. In the next couple months the 'Canes will be right back in the hunt for a playoff spot!!
  3. Just sitting around hoping the 'Canes can do something other than trading Ray Whitney! It just doesn't make since to me. The Wizard is second best to Eric Staal and Whitney is defiantly Mr Clutch consistently all season till Staal wakes up in February! I agree, we should make a significant trade but not one of our MVP's of the team. Make the right trade JR
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