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  1. Brandon? You mean Brandon Nolan? He's still a free agent with concussion problems, that's why we didn't re-sign him. LaCouture has spent some time in the ahl but the last year and a bit he was in Switzerland. I'd like to see him signed, too. Tough, speedy guy who can kill penalties. I'd sooner have him playing than Jensen or Helminen.
  2. chl

    Tough guy?

    Walker is not an enforcer. An enforcer has to be a hwt so they can drop the gloves with anyone. Walker is one tough guy but he's a middleweight. He will never fight any of the legit heavies in the league nor should we want him to. He is far too valuable as a player. Brookbank is a pretty bad fighter but will drop them with anyone. Conboy isn't a legit heavyweight either. Gillies is our best heavy pound for pound but he's a liability in all other aspects of the game at the nhl level. Brookbank is our guy as it stands.
  3. Anyone else notice he has Hordichuk listed as an addition? That right there completely blows any credibility he may have had.
  4. He signed a contract with Binghampton of the ahl back in April and is expected to back-up Jeff Glass there. He already played half a game for them at the end of last season in a loss. Not sure why you think this is his senior year, though. He was a freshman back in 04-05 so last year was his senior year.
  5. People have been talking about Boychuk but not for this season, for the future. He definetely won't be headed for Albany, he's too young. You have to be 20 by December or have played 4 full seasons in major junior and he fits neither of those categories. He'll continue to rehab from his wrist surgery and then go back to Lethbridge. Only young guy with a remote chance of making the team is Bowman and he'd have to be really impressive in camp to make the team. He'll be headed back to Spokane where he can log a ton of minutes and do everything for the chiefs.
  6. I wish he was going to Wisconsin and playing under Mike Eaves. Ohio State's program is less than impressive.
  7. No way is Olson nhl ready. You're right that it's a step in the right direction but he'll need a few seasons in the ahl.
  8. His size doesn't concern me. This is a guy with amazing two-step quickness, probably the best acceleration of anyone coming out of this past draft. He does everything right. In my eyes he's a really safe pick and I'm glad we didn't get a shot at Myers.
  9. When they talk about our defense they mention who is likely to play with who. Talking about the addition of Pitkanen they say Babchuk will play with him and then later they say Gleason will pair with Corvo.
  10. That article mentions some lines that go against everything we've heard so far. Whitney - Staal - Williams Samsonov - Brind'amour - Eaves Walker - Cullen - Ruutu LaRose - Sutter - Bayda Pitkanen - Babchuk Gleason - Corvo Those are the lines/pairings I picked out of that article. Some of them they say could happen but others like the Brind'amour line they say are already pencilled in.
  11. We traded for his rights when he was an impending ufa. It just gave us a few extra days to negotiate with him before he hit the free agency market and everyone could talk to him. Evidently he had some destinations in mind and Raleigh wasn't one of them so he didn't bother to listen to what our management had to say. This has happened before with more high-profile players so it's not a big deal. Especially since we get a 5th in return from Nashville from 2010 since he didn't sign.
  12. He's the goalie coach for Dynamo Riga.
  13. So Isbister wants to come back so we can trade him again? And we're going to sign a 38 year old defenseman when we already have too many? Eklund is always bad but these rumours make even less sense.
  14. Sutter will never be a big guy. If he can play at 200lbs be happy. The guys frame is so slight it's crazy. He had gotten up into the 180's after taking some time to rest this summer but a recent removal of his wisdom teeth caused him to lose all the weight.
  15. Petruzalek is too small and soft. I'd rather see Bellemore on that list and I feel he deserves to be there. Great pick in the 6th round last year.
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