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  1. I often read the posts and usually I don't respond but find it impossible to remain silent any longer. The amount of doom and gloom over the upcoming season and team is just mind blowing. Training camp has yet to even begin and so many of you so called true fans are already talking about next years draft. Give me a break. I understand the past seasons have been hard to take and no one is more disappointed than me but I at least maintain my optimism about the future and direction of where we are heading. We have two #1 goalies and a great core of players. Yes I know Ward is a question mark, but if he even comes close to what he is capable of, then the pair of them will be one of the best duo's in the league. At least wait until we see the product on ice before throwing in the towel. We don't need every high priced free agent that's out there every year. If Peter's is as good as I think he will be, I think the work ethic and defense will be much improved and I firmly believe that if we are in contention when it is time to add pieces, then PK and RF will do just that. You guys can beat me up if you want but all I ask is for all the doom and gloom to stop at least for the short term until such time as it may be warranted. I, for one think we will be back in the playoffs and a serious contender in our division.
  2. Thought it was interesting that when the NHL network interviewed Eric Cole after he signed with Montreal today, his reply as to what led to his decision was " that Montreal was a playoff team every year and having a chance to play for the cup every year was exciting." He obviously feels that the Canes were doing enough to position themselves to be a playoff team year in and year out.
  3. Look at the Penguins for instance, even though they are without there stars, they played well enough early on so they have secured a playoff spot most likely but Fleury plays almost every game. Look at Kiprosoff also.
  4. Joni is not going anywhere. Deadline has come and gone. The coaches like his play and even if I don't think he is playing up to the amount he is getting paid this year, he is part of this team that is trying to make a playoff run. Can we put this forum to bed soon?
  5. Thursday's game is more than huge. With Friday's game against Chicago in a back to back, we need those two points more than ever. We can't afford to lose either one to be honest.
  6. What do you mean with our Captain playing the way he is? Look at the stats below. He has more goals than Toews and is only one point difference in the total points for the year. Toews plays with Sharp and Kane so his +/- is way better but our team as a whole has not played well after the break. He comes back after leaving the game with what could have been a concussion and even after being cleared, another shot to the head (Sidney Crosby) and he would probably be done for the season. That is his competitive nature. Without him this team would be no where close to the eight spot. All the guys have off nights, and we don't know what type of injuries they may be playing through so we shouldn't be so quick to judge, myself included. Just saying! Player Team Pos GP G A PTS +/- S S% Jonathan Toews CHI C 61 23 38 61 20 176 13.1 Eric Staal CAR C 63 28 32 60 -11 232 12.1
  7. He would still be with Dwer and Larose. I would like to see Jussi with Skinner and Rutuu. Samson and Samsonov would would rotate on Sutter line.
  8. Looks like the lines for tonight will have Larose with Skinner and Rutuu. They are keeping Jussi with Sutter and Tilusty. Larose needs to be on the forth line period. Am I the only one who feels this way.
  9. Maybe I am missing something when I am watching the games but it seems to me that teams have figured out our game. We have become so predictable. They always are able to come up the ice with one or two passes and into our zone and cycle the puck without too much difficulty most nights. We don't pressure or hit the guy with the puck until after he passes it most of the time. We don't trap and the D is always backing up as teams easily skate into our zone. If the puck gets cycled behind the net you will notice our D doesn't leave the front of the net unless his partner is there to cover. That is how they are coached. That is our system under Mo. We can't continue to have Cam be the best defensive player each night hoping only to outscore our opponent. Our system in my opinion will not bring another cup to Carolina. We have to have better D in order to create more offense. When we won the cup in 06, we had three solid scoring lines and a great checking 4th line. We aren't even close in that regards. I like Mo but the constant shuffling of lines has not allowed any line to completely gel. Am I crazy?
  10. With the deadline looming and team clinging to the 8th spot, I can't see JR doing too much more. Each point at this point is crucial and we can't settle for 1 out of 2 points every couple of games. There are teams pressing for the final spot. Our current defense has got to play better in front of Cam if we have a chance to hang on to the final spot or even make any type of run if we make the playoffs.
  11. He was by far the worst player on the ice last night and he makes way more mistakes lately than good plays. Looking at his TOI last night he played nearly 30 mins. Carson had around 8 mins. He looked slow and took penalties at the worst time. Way too many minutes are costing us.
  12. I have to say that after listening to all the comments, I wanted to add my two cents. First Joni won't be traded no matter how much we would like. It would shock me if JR makes that move. John Micheal-Liles would be an asset but I wonder if our "system" is going to make anyone flourish at this point. What would we have to give up at this point to get a top 4 D-man?
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