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  1. Well as seeing what happens when "the great one" or Crosby plays, or when the "dead things" are playing, us getting bias for us? Sorry not likely there...........unless we pound them on a regular basis! THEN we might get the calls they do! :angry:
  2. THANKS for the vent! I remember the '02 run with 'MO but will wait and see before I start waaaaaaaaaannnn..... I understand the STH's being shorter in their waiting for the wins, etc, etc, etc, but to all that are griping right now about this.......GET OVER YOURSELF AND SUPPORT THE TEAM! Also before anyone says this..........I put my body on the line for this sport...I PLAY HOCKEY! Irishcane, sorry but had to add this...This team got me into wanting to play hockey in the first place!
  3. off topic fuquaycaniac, but were in that place are ya? I have family in there, just wondering.......sorry about being off topic....
  4. I have both types and can say that the real ones are thicker and have the strap, along with the difference in the sizes. caniac247 has it right on on this, that is what the extra money goes for.
  5. even though I was not there to see this, It is a honor to be a 'Caniac when the team does things like this! May you heal soon and be able to help bring them all home in victory!
  6. Any rednecks on the d-line? Just wondering............................ :ph34r:
  7. Just remember the season is 82 games, if we had pulled it out last year with our dinged-up roster we would have been gone by the 2nd round at most, so do not bail on the team or think the predictions are right also.........as a aside......what was the "Craps thinking letting Ollie go? That will cost them, especially when we face them, Alex can't be on the ice all the time! Do not bail on Lavi just yet, he might just surprise us with another deep cup run.........i hope!
  8. Hey, if he ended it himself, maybe he knows something we don't? Anyway, thanks for trying, not waiting like some of the other ones...........ya know what I mean?
  9. just remember transplants, the team in BLACK is the team you are SUPPOSED TO PULL FOR!
  10. Any idea if we can get it for download? I want it on my laptop!
  11. AGREED on the NHL NETWORK on directv! Will be watching our 'Canes go at in Phily!
  12. THANK YOU! I was looking for a updated look for the season!
  13. A thought........one I have added to posts on other hockey boards......Let's play REDNECK HOCKEY! Remembering a "Caniac having that on a TV broadcast once. Would suit us just fine!
  14. Have heard most of them, but ours as stated before has a feel all it's own using a local celelb adds flair and singular meaning to it. Now as for some of the others, I like the Habs (after ours, of course) but that is for another time...
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