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  1. You guys really are making my head hurt reading your comments. Although yes i did skip threw a few. But getting rid of brindy, Staal and ward? Who the hell would we trade them for? Honestly brindy has like maybe 2 years left, and its just not scoring like he should, It happens...Look at crosby right now, heatly, kopitar, alfredson. ( Sorry for trashing there names) but there suppose to be good to right? Trade staal? Are you kidding? are you high? are you just that stupid....I honestly think its a combo of all three. we are the most undrated team in the nhl. and who do you plan on getting for ward? unless your talking about the top three, that we would never get anyway, i really don't honestly see who we could get worth a damn to replace those players. Gaborik is glass just as much as williams, so no. What we need Is motivation, and to move conboy and bayda up. trading no, we need no more trades, maybe larose, or Kaberle, but those are the only two i could see us trading. And staal backs checks more than anyone on the team. try watching a game, Im glad you guys dont run this team. Trading Staal would kill the Carolina franchise. (( you guys should play 180 mintues of hockey a week on a NHL level, 7-8 months out of the year, you get tired and your work ethic is hurt by it, they are not gods.)) JR your doing fine, Light a fire up under these boys, and we are good to go.
  2. You guys must be new to nhl , Mo has had his hay day in toronto, He is a great coach. You should stop bad mouthing mo, at lease give him a chance. What has lavi done for us in the past three years?
  3. We gotta give Mo a chance. Toronto Is filth under my shoe, there players have a horrible work ethic and fall apart more than we do. I loved Lavi, But he Just aint working right now, and I'm tired of loosing the games we should be winning, and so is JR. We just need little changes to are system, and with the way he has been talking, Mo see's that . Mo has a fresh start now, so dont *edit* this one up. We should not hate on him until we see what he does with his first month. Ill make my decsion then. But damnit lets pull it together caniacs, No matter who is coaching, who is on the ice, WE pull for this team, good decsion or bad descion, i dont care LETS GO CANES
  4. Trade Chad? Are your serious....And who would we trade him for? I think Chad Is a good player in his market range, we are not going to get any better of player,he isn't a Zetterburg, or a Gaborik. I really think we should relax, Look we out shot them, played with our backup goalie, and only lossed by a screen,that i dont care what goalie is in net was not going to see that. Leighton had no idea where it was, no one would have. Guy we are not going to win every game, and if you havent noticed, Vokoun is not terrible by anymeans. Rod is right, during the second peroid we have a ton of flurries, All the effort was there, but no one could captialize on it. We are one of the strongest teams in the leauge, but are luck is like the Leafs, we are banged up all the time. I wouldn't really freak over this loss to much gentelmen, we are 8th right now, and thats a hell of alot better than atlanta. Give the boys time to heal and get there mind in the game, we will start hitting that net soon. we can't win every game.
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