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  1. So how do we fix it? I mean besides kicking Brindy to the curve and shooting the rest. Hoiw do we go about getting back on track like we were in 06?
  2. Ouch......Unless he's Canadien or Russian I dont want 'em
  3. I had mine the whole game, sorry for the bad luck bro. But, did you really want to see us get our *edit* kicked in HD?
  4. So you think it's just the team? or the coach? owners? I mean nothing seems to be coming together. There is talk about getting Antropov, anyone think this will help? I mean Jussi is playing good but he def isnt the answer! Where do we go from here??
  5. Did you see how they just man handle us out there? I agree with both of those statements!!! We have to do something, I don't know what it can be at this point. If you noticed tonight how CBJ would lay down in front of puck and block them and we stay straight up. I can't help but scream at the TV haha! And Mo has got to give Leighton his starts. We don't have a true starting goalie but, there is no need to wear a young goalie out like we are doing with Ward...... I am stepping off my soapbox now!
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