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  1. If I were a player, I'd do a simple math problem. Say I make 4 million a year. If I lose this season due to a lockout, I've lost 4 million dollars (minus the chump change of the escrow payment and lockout "fund"). And say I have 4 more years left to play in my career (average hockey career is around 6 years). So losing this season means I'll have 3 years left where I'll make my 4 million dollar salary. Now, if I average in the 4 million I lost to this lockout season over the remaining 3 years of my career, I've taken a 33% pay loss. This is MUCH worse than what the owners are currently offering. The players don't seem to be thinking about how much losing an entire season will affect them financially. They're not seeing the forest for the trees. I'm not taking a side on this ridiculous matter, but in any business, the owner's always have the upper hand, and that's exactly how this will eventually play out. So the players need to take a long, hard look at what losing a season will do to them financially, or else their wives who pay the bills need to. Finally, whenever this comes to an end, I think at the first regular season game, after the National Anthem(s)are complete, the fans should ALL leave their seats and head up the aisles to the concourse for the first five minutes of the game. This could be the fan's 'silent protest' that the players (and owners) will surely notice.
  2. I'm sure Walker would've done the same thing to Chara a few games ago if he could just reach his ugly face! Go CANES!!
  3. For the life of me I can't understand how a COLLEGE BASEBALL game on the CBS-College network is broadcast in HD (between Creighton and somebody for God's sake!) and an NHL playoff game is NOT! Come on, get it together FOXSPORTS. Of any sport, HD is needed in hockey to convey the speed and passion that defines it.
  4. Unbelievable that a playoff game would not get HD priority. Let's hope this is given some thought by the FOXSports execs.
  5. Unless we somehow get the Crapitals in the playoffs this year... heh, heh, heh.
  6. It's on Versus - I wonder if they let Forslund do the play by play if it's a Canes game? That would be cool for us!
  7. As of today we've scored 126 goals - this is less than all the teams in the East except Ottawa and the Islanders (who are in last place). Frankly it's amazing that we're still in the playoff hunt. I think it comes down to the power play - if we were just "average" we'd be solid. The defense and goaltending is fine, and is frankly getting us most of the wins we have. Until we start clicking on the PP, either by picking up someone that can make a difference (unlikely), or figuring it out with who we have, we're stuck in these one goal gut wrenchers for the rest of the season. Keep your Rolaids handy.
  8. The bottom line is that the 'Canes are in a tough spot right now - fighting for the last playoff spot (and probably will be for the rest of the year) without any realistic tradeable talent to help upgrade the team. It's a catch-22 - the players that would interest other teams are the players that we can't do without right now - they are the talent that will squeak us into the playoffs. To help this team, we need to ADD talent to what we have - any kind of trade would be simply that - an even trade-off. To improve this team we need to simply spend some money to get the talent. By the trade deadline this year we would have to throw in a disposable, unneeded player, or draft choices, or both and then kick in a load of cash to get what we need. This is a difficult choice because it's money wasted if we don't make the playoffs, or don't even go deep in the playoffs. The cup year, it was obvious that we could go deep and JR went for the two rental studs. If we choose to stay pat, and God forbid, miss the playoffs, then this summer will be very interesting indeed. You will see a MAJOR retooling of this team and every player will be on the table, except our two young hotshots (Mr. goalie and Mr. center).
  9. After a few days of dealing with Dish Network's IT department ALL HD TURBO only subscribers (existing and new) will now receive the alternate sports channels that televise the Hurricanes games (channels 444 or 445). This occurred last night - the Ottowa game was on channel 445.
  10. To clarify this mess for any of those 'Canes out there considering DISH... they are pushing "HD TURBO" packages now, which is a great thing in my opininion - they are HD only channels which is mainly what I watch, but here's the kicker... I added on the "LOCAL CHANNELS", which includes FOXSPORTS SOUTH, thinking that they would telecast the 'Canes games like they do on Time Warner (channel 50)... but, NO... DISH, for some reason, switches the FOXSPORTS CAROLINAS 'Canes broadcasts to an "alternate sports channel", usually channel 444. THIS CHANNEL IS NOT PART OF THE LOCAL CHANNELS PACKAGE! Therefore, if you get the LOCAL CHANNELS PACKAGE add on, you will NOT get the 'Canes live. So, if you are a 'Canes fan, and an HD TV fan, you have to pay A LOT more to go with one of DISH's gazillion channel packages, PLUS THE HD PACKAGE, just so you can get channel 444. DISH NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND ADD CHANNEL 444 AS A STAND ALONE FOXSPORTS CAROLINAS CHANNEL AND ADD IT TO THE LOCAL CHANNELS PACKAGE!! Yeah, that will happen...
  11. You're exactly right, DEEBOY - I just got off the phone with DISH - to get the Canes live (on FOXSPORTS CAROLINAS), you HAVE to subscribe to America's Top 100 Plus package or higher. If you have gotten one of the TURBO HD packages only, you will NOT see the 'Canes live. They cannot add on the "multi-sports package" to a TURBO HD package. So now I have to re-do my whole package, and add all those crappy channels I could care less about, otherwise I will not see the 'Canes games (non-HD, which are most of them). THIS SUCKS!!
  12. http://www.dishnetwork.com/packages/detail...ack=multiSports I suspect I have to get this add-on - "multi-sports pack", since I only have the Turbo HD packages and not one of the "America's Pack" stuff. This shows those 440 on up channels as "alternate sports channels" that I guess gets Fox Sports Carolinas. I do have Fox Sports SOUTH with Dish, but evidently they break out the Fox Sports CAROLINAS to one of these "alternate" sports channels. This is different from Time Warner - Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Carolinas shared channnel 50, which showed the 'Canes. COULD THIS BE MORE CONFUSING?!!! Time to call Dish... and my wife, to add more stuff... GOOD GOD!
  13. Thanks - except 444 doesn't show up on my channel guide (actually nothing shows up in the 440 - 450 channel numbers) - does the game "magically" appear tonight on one of those channels when it starts? I hope so!
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