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  1. This was our second year skating with the canes. The fund raising part of it is fantastic, and I'll continue to go. However it seemed like the skating portion was more like "Stand in line on the ice for an autograph" than skating. It's pretty easy to get these guys autographs at practice and stuff. I wonder if they could do anything different to make the skating part better. Just a thought.
  2. I went to a few last year. I'm working different hours now, so I'm missing it! I'm going to try and catch them on Friday and Monday though. It'll be great to see some skating again.
  3. The classic: "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing..."
  4. I wish the best of luck to Patrick. Spoke with him for a while at the Skate with the Canes event last December. Really nice guy. Very down to earth. As with a lot of players, he just needs some more ice time to produce. Hope he gets it in Detroit.
  5. Saw Cam again the other day. He walked in to 5 Guys burgers and I happend to be facing the door. Just gave him the nod. He was pretty incognito , except for driving in with a Mazeratti...
  6. That reminds me, Ray, you owe me 23 bucks for losing my favorite Cane's hat...........................................
  7. From my view in 123, it looked like Cam thought he had that one, and didn't keep his eye on it the whole way. Maybe checking to see if there was a speeding train coming at him before the puck was nestled into his glove. Oh well. I'm sure I wouldn't have caught it either...
  8. Thanks to the entire team for making my first year as a STH memorablle. I watched all the Canes hockey I could from the first RecZone practices right through the last game last night. You guy's did me proud. Oh, and I'll be there next year too...
  9. Saw Wardo tonight. Wife and I were driving around looking at some houses, and we drove by his. He was out in the yard. Just said congrats, and kept on going.
  10. Rupp1

    Cow Bells

    Cow bells and hockey? It was funny once, but No thanks...
  11. Blame me. I was right there in the middle of it. "My name is George Costanza, and I fear no reprisals..." lol
  12. OK, just one more: "The Fast and the Furious" line. As previously stated.
  13. Hey, it's better than my original thought: R2-E2......... Too Star-Warsish..........
  14. Similar to an earlier post: E2-RUU2.
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