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  1. This wont make any diffrence. The guys will still continue to train just as hard in the offseason and just as hard in season. Rod wont stop because someone tells him to. This is a huge joke. What is JR thinking.
  2. It is a shame. Jeff is a great guy I seen him do so much off the ice to help people.
  3. LaCouture will not make the roster. He is albany bound.
  4. Lavi is a IDIOT. What will he think of next.
  5. Larose is no where near as good a player as O'Neill.
  6. Jeff O'Neill must be signed now. Should have been already.
  7. If he does not out work Brindy this year this is a MISTAKE.
  8. If Lavi is below .500 at christmas he will be gone.
  9. As much as I don't like it. The article is correct.
  10. O'Neill should be given a contract. I mean $800,000 for Larose,,,,,O'Neill is a much much better player he is good for 10 goals just for showing up. He could skate on the fourth line all day long.
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