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  1. man you guys are demanding...i bet you want the boys to bring home the cup too!! anyways, round 1 pics are up
  2. I'm glad you like the pics. We sit in the mezzanine, section 320. I use a canon rebel xsi, with a 70-300 canon lens.
  3. all regular season pics are now available playoff pics coming soon
  4. I am glad you like it, and yes caniac_80 and I took all those. She kids me sometimes that I don't even see the game cuz I am so busy with the camera.
  5. thanks for posting wish I had the viewing angle you do
  6. We sit next to a family of 4 in the mezzanine. They have 4 full season tickets, we have 2 26 pack tickets. They were wearing Red Wing jerseys Monday night. But considering they have spent about 4 times more than us as Hurricanes fans, I think they have earned the right.
  7. Glad you enjoy the pics. It would probably be a safe bet that Cory will show up in the next set, quite by accident of course:) Hopefully not on a scoring chance tho! The Mrs says hi back, and we are ready to rock n roll come Friday.
  8. predator pics are up at http://flickr.com/photos/28300568@N06/sets...57607810433055/ be sure to check #81, the game winning money shot. Thanks Ray!
  9. only one way to find out:) I bet you can though.
  10. Thanks. I use a canon rebel xsi, mostly with a canon 70-200mm lens
  11. Bring It On! (or OSU or even that Badger team)
  12. oops! just wanted to say thanks for posting, wish I could go in person
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