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  1. got a reply from NHL Network Thank you for your email. No, the NHL Network will not be covering the Traverse City Tournament. Thanks, NHL TV NHL Network <tv@nhl.com>
  2. Cap doesn't ever really apply to this team, though, since it's conservatively budgeted. Cap was a non-factor for me. I figured I had about as much (or less than) last year to spend. Since, I don't think, my line-up would be too expensive, I didn't see the point of paying Kabs 2.2M or whatever to sit on his keister again.
  3. Farkin 4th D - In an easy button world I'd put McBain with Corvo. In my head McBain would rely on Corvo as a D mentor and Corvo's insecurities would repair themselves because he felt needed (like he did when he first came here). In a perfect world, of course you don't want 2 rookies in your top 6D but who knows Albany should be a fun team to watch next year - hope Hughes gets healed and finds his game again. I'd be temped to buy out Wallin, but once we lose Kabs he's our most experienced Dman. Don't know - we'll see how training camp goes. Draft Budish or other scarey, huge RW. Maybe trade Peters for a higher pick since we're set in goal and have Murphy budding. Resign... Jussi Ruu Cole Kabs to KHL (or buy out...I wonder if they could trade with the KHL LoL) Walk Seids, Bayda, Rosie If Jussi stays with 2nd line caliber players all year, he will have at least 40 assists. I cry a little whenever I look at Roddy's contract length. Hope he gets his game back too. Staal/Cole/Whit Ruu/Jussi/Samsonov Boychuck/Cullen/Eaves Conboy/Brindy/Walker D - 6th spot is really up in the air. Again, we'll see what happens at camp. Gleason/Pitts Corvo/Wallin Babchuk/Carson Rodney/Borer
  4. I hated that game for Babs - you could tell he was disgusted with himself. Usually he rebounds from his mistakes but he hasn't in the playoffs. Scratch Babs, or Seidenberg, take your pick. shake up the roster, I say. Put in Brett Carson. If Babs and Kabs are both unreliable, I say we have nothing to lose by dressing him. At least Carson is dependable in his own end AND he'll be rear'n to go. One of the VS commentators finally said it last night - Samsonov does have a few goals in the playoffs, but he's bee largely ineffective. He's such a good puck handler, but with all the Bruins stick-work going on he's pretty much neutered. Tim Gleason is a fark'n stud, BTW. Last comment: when does Kabs' contract end again?
  5. Heck, there's one or two in there shot through the mesh - you can barely tell it's there. Awesome job!
  6. I 110% agree with you, IceFrog. "Because if 50% you guys gave 110 percent, and the other 50% gave 75%, I garuantee you 100% we'd only win 50% of our games."
  7. I would learn how to read a live play by play in brail if I had to. Yea, hockey! Thanks, PB
  8. I'll make you a deal. Start the hockey season early and you'll hear no more from me on it
  9. I've sounded off on this like a broken record on the N&O blogs, but thought I'd add some new ideas I thought of while reading this thread. 1) Bobby Hughes (has anyone seen him at camp, btw?) suffered a concussion that also may have also been career threatening. He went to every Rats game for the rest of the season as soon as he got out of the hospital. Granted, he is single (as far as I know) and may not have the screaming kids card, but I would expect to see that kind of optimism and drive (if not more) from someone who's paid $900k. 2) Perhaps DT's agent (lawyer) is requiring his silence on the issue? I'm sure my lawyer would. 3) Did I read somewhere that DT recently had a consultation in Albany? If so, that throws out the whole "no-fly" theory. 4) no counter-statements to the N&O. Reference #2, but still - I would have to say something if people were talking smack about me.
  10. This is a neat thread. I'm kinda new to the forums but wanted to share an older story. I was visiting my parents for Easter (during the lockout I think, maybe a year before). I was sitting with my family at St. Phillip's. My sister was in the choir and is a huge Canes fan too. About 1/2 way through the sermon I realized Arturs Irbe (and wife?) was sitting smack in front of me. I about fell out of the pew. I was trying to make hand gestures to my sister in the choir loft but she remained clueless until she came to join us for communion. She about snarfed wine out her nose when I told her. I told my dad too afterword and he said "I know, I just wanted to see how long it took you to notice"!!!! I wanted to say hi to Irbe, but figured best to just let him enjoy Easter Sunday in peace.
  11. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7275401@N04/2828685831/ Your mystery player here looks like Casey Borer
  12. On on the 12th day, god created sports pundits to annoy the !!!! out of us all and take up aire time on ESPN.
  13. Serious one: "Every Shift Every Game" sounds acceptable Funny One: "We Cheer During Hurricane Reports on the Weather Channel"
  14. LaCouture is a great hockey name. Other than that, I think he's just a depth guy. Think Craig Adams without the upside. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php3?pid=19371''>http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php3?pid=19371' target="_blank">http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php3?pid=19371[/post]
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