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  1. I wish it wasn't true..We need Williams this year, especially because they choice Williams over Cole...I hope O'Neill has a good camp... Any I am sorry that the Icefrog doesn't believe me.... Don't be jealous that I drank out of the cup:) (at 2 different hurricanes private parties)
  2. Ok i just joined so I haven't been throughing around crazy ideas...I did post about Coach Lavi because I think he is a great coach and I know the situation he was in.. I will just say I know a player or coach who told me about Williams today...... I am sorry you guys don't believe me and I am sorry that as a new person on here can't give some inside information..I figured this was a great place to tell you things that you might want to know.. Chris
  3. I'm not here for jokes...only the truth....Just found out from my "source" Just wait..the news is coming sometime today..it happened today at practice
  4. You have no clue who my sources are. I'm close to the situation and I know that Peter has been treated poorly by Jim Rutherford. But I assure you that RUTHERFORD is going to find any reason to fire Lavi. As for the firing after 3 losses in a row, I am just using that as the "straw that breaks the camels back" situation that JR will use. I think JIM RUTHERFORD is to blame and he is getting a free pass. Just wait until Peter is on the other bench. I hope he runs up the score. I will be a fan of any team he coaches. I hope its with the canes for a long long time, but JIM RUTHERFORD has his finger on the button just waiting to make a change. That article in the N&O today is a cover-up. A band-aid to make all you worried caniacs feel better about the situation. The article is almost a bad of a spin as a John McCain commercial.
  5. I just meant to give one example of how they are treating Peter. Didn't really mean to tie the contract and a fall of Peter together. I will admit to over reacting if we have a bad month of hockey and they don't fire him. But i'll stick to my story until then. All of the signs are pointing to a short leash. It's unfair to treat a someone who brought them the ring that's on their finger ths way. I know expectations are high. But Rutherford will put 0% blame on his lack of aggressiveness on the free agent market. JR spends too much time finding offense (which I dont mind) but not enough time trying to fix our depleted defense. Go canes Chris
  6. Caniac I am a frustrated caniac. The best thing that has happened to this franchise is the hiring of Peter Laviolette. He won a stanley cup for the us and yet the GM/owner still has him on the hot seat. From my sources, Peter was the last to be informed about the press conference for Staal's new deal. It's like the GM/Owner are setting him up to fail. I guarantee if they have a 3 or 4 game losing streak at the beginning of the year they are going to yank him and put an unproven coach from our minor league system in (Tom Rowe). Why do you think Jeff Daniel's is not with the team anymore and Tom Rowe is assistant coach? So Peter can get canned and Tom can take over when they lose 3 in a row. It's frustrating to put all the blame on the coach. We went from one of the MOST BORING offenses with Paul Maurice (just ask Toronto about their offense now), to an explosive offense under Peter Laviolette. The reason we didn't make the playoffs is because JIM RUTHERFORD! He sat back and let our defense SUCK! Yes you JIM RUTHERFORD, you are to blame. We have put together one of the worst defenses ever. Kaberle is a waste of ice time, Wallin is slow and has no clue how to pass a puck and you kept Hedican and Welsey around for 2 years too long (granted you couldn't dump Hedican's over priced salary to any other team because they would laugh at you!). Yes we have brought in Ah Oh Corvo, and Jani but it's not the coach that's going to lose the games. It's the defense and the man behind the pipes. I am sorry but Wardo has not been "great" since game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. We can not ride the stanley cup run anymore. He needs to become a consistently great goalie or we need to look else where. The GM/owner has put too much of the blame on Peter. Yes this hasn't been too public but I am close to the situation and the only reason JIM RUTHERFORD didn't fire Peter is because of his approval ratings amongst the players and fans. We need to stop praising JIM RUTHERFORD. He is not the "GM of the year". He is a terrible GM and if he doesn't realize that he has a diamond in the rough with Peter Laviolette, then he is going to lose him to Atlanta. Yeap, Don Waddell was ready to scoop Peter. He called and asked for permission to talk to Peter. One 3 game losing streak and we are going to have an unproven minor league coach behind the bench and the next bench over is going to have a Stanley Cup winning coach, Peter Laviolette, running up the score with Atlanta in our building, just to shove it in JIM RUTHERFORD's face.. Please keep supporting Coach Lavy. He is the reason for the success of our team. I am a die-hard canes fan. I support Peter and the players on the ice. I, like many of you die-hards, were sickened how the year ended. We have new hope this year with a re-signed Eric Staal, and a healthy Rod and Justin. I pray for the defense and the man between the pipes. We will score. But did JIM RUTHERFORD do enough to help a TERRIBLE defense. Time will tell. Thanks and I can't wait for hockey season! Go Canes Chris
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